Weed Tolerance: Why You're Needing More For That Same Buzz And How To Fix It

Your friend let you in on their secret snack: infused chocolate blueberries. It was love at first bite. With the consistent dosage, subtle packaging, and rich taste, these little delights soon became a regular treat after your tiring workdays. But lately, one isn't quite doing the trick. You find yourself reaching for two, then three. They don’t have the same zing anymore. Is it time for a tolerance break?

How does cannabis tolerance work?

Cannabis and its impact on the body is fascinating. Unlike many substances, there's no direct link between factors like body weight and cannabis tolerance, as is the case with alcohol. That’s why even if you're in peak physical condition, it’s wise to take things slowly when introducing cannabis to your system.

What sets cannabis apart is how quickly the body responds to THC, the compound that gives you that iconic “high” sensation. THC interacts with our endocannabinoid system, which is like the body's internal balancing act. Its primary role? To keep everything in equilibrium.

Take a look at this insightful video for a deep dive:

THC works its magic by attaching to our CB1 receptors, which can be thought of as our endocannabinoid system's gatekeepers. These receptors process various neurotransmitters affecting stress, appetite, pain, or sleep. Once THC is connected, that's when we feel its full suite of effects. But our bodies are smart. When exposed to THC regularly, the brain actively limits these effects. It does this by desensitizing and internalizing our CB1 receptors, toning down the intensity of the high. In simpler terms, that’s your body building a tolerance.

How long does tolerance take to build and reset?

The body’s adaptability is impressive. If you've ever felt like your afternoon dose of cannabis doesn’t quite match the morning's potency, you're not alone. The body's natural inclination to regulate itself means that it rapidly builds tolerance. But, in a twist, the same mechanism that dampens THC's effects can also rejuvenate them. A good night’s rest can drastically reduce tolerance. However, if you consume cannabis regularly, the reboot becomes less effective over time. Some enthusiasts even reach a point where they need far more than the average person to feel anything.

And while the underlying chemical mechanisms are well-understood, every individual’s experience with cannabis is unique. Your relationship with THC is deeply personal, and understanding that dynamic makes navigating its effects smoother.

How do I manage my tolerance?

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to cannabis. Being attuned to your body's tolerance can help you enjoy a safer, more effective experience and even save some money. Imagine coming back from a vacation and consuming a higher dose than your reset tolerance can handle. Or think about the wasted product if you consistently consume more than your body can utilize.

On days you plan to indulge more than once, start with a smaller dose and gradually increase. It’s a practical approach that keeps your overall consumption in check, helping manage tolerance levels.

Ever heard of a "t-break" or "tolerance break"? It's when seasoned users intentionally refrain from cannabis to rejuvenate their sensitivity. One night's rest can make a difference, but a complete reset might require up to four weeks for regular users. When you decide to end your break, go easy on the first trip back.

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With information by FlowerTown's Michael Cheng, adapted by Benzinga Cannabis.

For those interested in a Spanish version, check out "Marihuana y Tolerancia: Cómo Funciona y Cómo Controlarla" on ElPlanteo.com.

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