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Uruguay Senate Approves New Bill To Regulate Access To Medical Cannabis

December 10, 2019 5:59 pm
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Uruguay Senate Approves New Bill To Regulate Access To Medical Cannabis

By Silvia Muñoz, ICCI.

To help put a definitive end to persisting illicit cannabis markets, Uruguay's senate has passed a new bill to regulate medical marijuana. The bill, "A Comprehensive Law for the Promotion and Access to Medical and Therapeutic Cannabis," was introduced into Congress by the "Ir" sector of the “Frente Amplio” party, and approved unanimously.

This bill aims to promote and regulate the population’s access to cannabis and cannabinoid-containing medical products. According to the Montevideo Portal, although the standardized pharmaceutical versions are already regulated by the drug law and can be purchased at pharmacies, the price of these products is beyond the reach of most patients.

Compounded Cannbis Compounds

The new bill also presents guidelines for pharmaceutical compounding. This means that, with the help of doctors, patients will have access to specific prescriptions, perpared speficially to treat their ailments and diverse pathologies. The law will also seek to promote good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that are easy to replicate.

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The Institute for Cannabis Regulation and Control in Uruguay (IRCCA) will establish a system of certification and quality control, while the Ministry of Public Health will implement a program of Medicinal Cannabis and Therapeutic Use to include these treatments within the Integrated National System of Health.

Alejandro Zavala, deputy of the Ir Sector explained to the Montevideo Portal that this new bill structures, organizes and proposes the regularization of the existing handicraft products to guarantee the quality of what is produced. He also highlights that the bill will not only give accessible cannabis to the population at a reasonable price but as well a controlled product with good quality.

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Editor's note: The following publicly traded companies have interests in Uruguay:

Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB)

Auxly Cannabis Group Inc (OTC:CBWTF)

Khiron Life Sciences Corp (OTC:KHRNF)

Silvia Muñoz is a cannabis industry insider and Responsible for Government Affairs LATAM in the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute in Czech Republic.

Photo of a cannabis grow in Uruguay, by Javier Hasse. In the picture, Leandro Martinelli, Head of R&D at YVY – Medical Cannabis Uruguay, at an experimental grow site.

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