10 Cannabis Products To Try This Summer: Hi-Fi Hops, Sun Lotion And More

June 21, 2019 9:48 am
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10 Cannabis Products To Try This Summer: Hi-Fi Hops, Sun Lotion And More

Ben & Jerry’s recently made an exciting announcement when the Unilever NV (NYSE:UN)-owned brand said it was considering launching a CBD-infused ice cream. And while consumers were most likely expecting the brand that had in the past released flavors like “Half-Baked” and “Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies” to have a THC and CBD offering, they jumped on the possibility to settle for a CBD-infused ice cream.

However, the brand is still awaiting a clear set of rules and regulations regarding CBD products before it could proceed. In the meantime, lack of regulations hasn't prevented other companies from entering what could be a multi-billion-dollar market.

Brightfield Group estimates the U.S. CBD market could be worth $22 billion. It’s not surprising that large companies like DSW Inc. (NASDAQ:DSW), CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS), and Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc (NASDAQ:WBA). Even Schmidt’s Naturals, another Unilever-owned brand has announced a line of CBD deodorants.

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Even if you're unlikely to be able to cool yourself down with a pint of CBD-infused Ben & Jerry’s, there are still plenty of products to choose from and lots of retailers, as well as dispensaries, have a large selection of various CBD-infused products. If you live in a state where adult-use cannabis is legal, you can also check out some THC-infused products during your summer vacation for some extra fun and relaxation.

To help you, we've compiled a list of 10 cannabis products that you should check out this summer.

1. Saka Wines

If you live in California, then Saka Wines is a product that you should definitely check out, once it hits the shelves on July 1. Saka is brand of luxury cannabis-infused wines. House of Saka sources its wine from vineyards in Napa Valley, removes the alcohol and replaces it with THC and CBD using its proprietary, patent-pending water-soluble formulation.

2. Mood33

Another cannabis-infused beverage that will help you refresh this summer is mood33, which in addition to cannabis is also infused with herbs and was developed to provide mood-based benefits. You can take your pick from “Joy”, “Passion” and “Calm”, each having their own combination of fruit, herbs, THC and/or CBD.

3. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

No summer is complete without a cool beer. Given how Constellation Brands, Inc. (NYSE:STZ), Molson Coors Brewing Co (NYSE:TAP) and other beer companies got exposure to the cannabis space through one way or another, it was a matter of time before a cannabis-infused beer would hit the shelves. Last summer, Heineken’s brand Lagunitas released its product in dispensaries across California. The drawback is that the drink, called Hi-Fi Hops, is not really a beer, but a sparkling beverage that tastes hoppy (like beer) and comes infused with either THC or both THC and CBD.

4. Apothecanna “Everyday Deodorant Spray”

Of course summer has its downsides, the main of which is, obviously, sweat. That’s why a good deodorant should always be on your bathroom shelf. This summer, why not try a CBD deodorant like Apothecanna’s “Everyday Deodorant Spray”. It’s completely natural, uses zinc ricinoleate as an active ingredient to neutralize odor molecules, but also comes with mandarin, geranium, and cedar blend for a fresh scent. An additional benefit is CBD, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the irritation from a razor.

5. Drip Ice Cream

Ice cream is another staple of every summer. Circling back to the first part of this article, you may not yet enjoy a cannabis-infused ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs, but there are other brands you can check out.

One of them is Drip, which is available in Oregon. Drip comes in four flavors and has two types of THC potency levels: 15mg and 75mg for an extra kick. The flavors are nice and come from all natural ingredients, such as salted caramel or honey lavender.

6. Natasha Tonic Hemp Swimwear

A swimsuit is a must-have every summer, so why not go for a hemp-made one. Natasha Tonic is a brand that aims to change women’s swimwear by replacing the traditional polyester fabric for the eco-friendlier hemp. In addition, hemp fabric is UV resistant, durable and much better for your skin.

7. Coava Cold Brew By Level+

Coava Cold Brew from Level+ is the perfect way for you to get your caffeine fix during those hot summer days. Each 16-ounce bottle of cold brew coffee comes with 5 mgs of THC, which is a great low dosage to give you a kick in addition to caffeine. In addition, Coava Cold Brew comes in a CBD-only version.

8. Sprig

If a THC-infused beverage is too much for you, then you might want to check out Sprig, which only offers CBD-infused drinks. It comes in a number of natural flavors, such as Citrus, Melon, and Lemon and is also naturally sweetened with stevia and erythritol. Each can comes with 20mg of hemp-derived CBD.

9. Felix & Ambrosia Burn Out Sun Lotion

You must always take care of your skin, but especially during summer days. However, quite often you get sun burned and Felix & Ambrosia Burn Out CBD-infused sun lotion is here to help you. It contains pure aloe vera, Xanthum gum, and CBD for a cooling, pain relieving, and anti-inflammatory effect. To avoid sun burn in the first place, Felix & Ambrosia offers Sunny Daze Sun Cream that in addition to CBD, also contains glitter.

10. Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs

We all know that summer is a time to relax, but often life happens and relaxing is put on the back burner. CBD bath bombs are here to help you turn your bathtub into a small spa experience.

There are plenty of CBD bath bombs brands, such as Kush Queen. Kush Queen uses 100% organic essential oils developed from terpenes and adds CBD for an additional benefit. You can take your pick from a number of blends, such as Relax, which comes with Lavender, Chamomile, and Frankicense, Peppermint-infused Awaken, Relieve, which contains clove, birch, rosemary, black pepper, and coriander, and many others.

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