Amazon Workers' Unionization Gains Momentum

Amazon Workers' Unionization Gains Momentum
  • Federal labor regulator National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) looks to quash, Inc's AMZN objections to a labor union's historic victory at one of its New York warehouses, the Washington Post reports.
  • Amazon strongly disagreed with the conclusion and looked to appeal.
  • Amazon believed the NLRB and the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) improperly influenced the election outcome and did not represent most of its team.
  • In April, the ALU became the first to win an election at Amazon.
  • However, Amazon contested the victory that dragged on for months.
  • In April, 57% of Amazon's workers at a New York City Staten Island warehouse voted in favor of unionizing.
  • Contrastingly, 53% of Amazon workers in Alabama have rejected unionization. 
  • In May, Amazon workers voted against unionizing a second warehouse in New York City in the borough of Staten Island, known as LDJ5, with 618 to 380 against joining the Labor Union.
  • Around 55% of employees who voted from Amazon's JFK8 warehouse in the borough of Staten Island looked to join the Amazon Labor Union, which demanded higher pay and job security. 
  • Recently, Amazon's workers have filed a petition for a proposed unit of 400 people to hold a union election at a company warehouse near Albany, New York.
  • The Amazon Labor Union affiliated group sought National Labor Relations Board's permission to hold a vote at the ALB1 facility.
  • Reportedly over 150 Amazon workers at its largest air hub in California, known as KSBD, walked off the job to demand higher pay and safety improvements.
  • Price Action: AMZN shares closed higher by 0.83% at $127.82 on Thursday.

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