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Whatever Happened to Coffee and Warm Milk; The Explosion of Energy and Sleepy Drinks


Have you heard of Unwind (OTC: FBEC.OB), Dream Water or Drank? These newest “sleep aid” beverages are the flip side of Red Bull and its wake up cronies.

The overwhelming success and growing popularity of energy drinks has spawned a bedtime antidote. After all, who can get to sleep after a day revved up to the max? These wind down beverages include natural relaxing herbs such as melatonin and rose hips. To circumvent the pesky FDA, these manufacturers position their products as dietary supplements. Saves money for the company and garners a shelf spot next to the over the counter sleep aids.

Sounds great, now let's tally up the daily financial damage:

  • 2 red bulls=$4.00 (bought at Amazon for $48.21 for 24- 8.4 ounce cans)
  • 1 dream water=$3.33 (bought at dream for $19.99 for 6 2.5 ounce servings)
  • Daily total to wake up and get to sleep = $7.33

So the new way to wake up and get to sleep sets you back over $36.00 per week, not including week ends. Continue this method for fifty weeks and you spent $1,832.50.

Back in the old days, a couple of brewed cups of coffee from home cost a buck a day. Drink a cup of calm tea by Tazo or have a glass of milk at night and you spent another $.50. So for a dollar and a half per day you wake up and go to sleep, with a bit of help. This old fashioned strategy sets you back $375.00 per year.

Save $1,457.00 by going old school! Is it worth almost $1,500.00 per year to consume these new age energy and sleep beverages?

Is Unwind a great investment?

You decide. Maybe the sleepy beverage market's popularity will translate into outsized investment gains. FBEC.OB is trading at $.17 today with a 52 week range of $.10 - $.48 and a market cap of 3.19 million. It's a bit too volatile for my taste.

Interested in reading more? Check out Fast Company's May 18 article by, Rachel Z. Arndt, Liquid Snooze: Introducing Relaxation Drinks.

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