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Reflections On An All-Green April

Reflections On An All-Green April

Well, I managed to do it: an all-green April!

I’m always thrilled to have been able to maintain a streak throughout an entire month, but it's even more gratifying when every day of the month has been consistently strong. Of the 21 trading days in April, 20 of them have been +$1,000 days while more than half were +$4,000. This last week has been one of the best of the month, helping to add another $25,000 to my monthly total in just 4 days.

All told, my gross profit on the month of April is around $92,000. While it’s shy of that elusive $100,000 mark, it’s still the best month of trading I’ve seen in 2020, and the market isn’t showing any sign that momentum is slowing heading into May.

A major component of April’s strong results is that I took a pretty measured approach to the market after a few months of ups and downs in my trading account. I took on smaller share size, waited for quality setups and cut my losses when necessary. All of this helped keep the number of trades I was taking low while also helping to keep my emotions in check since I never had more on the line than I could stomach to lose.

These two principles are probably among the most valuable for any kind of day trader to keep at the top of mind while trading. I know a lot of Warrior Trading students with a variety of account types, those trading with margin, those still trying to navigate the pattern day trader rule or those simply looking to the market for a lucrative, and the ones that I always hear the most positive feedback from are those that take an even-handed approach to every stock they trade.

Obviously, generating a profit is at the heart of day trading. However, I’ve talked before about how going all-in all the time is not only risky and counterproductive, but it’s just exhausting, both mentally and emotionally. I often wish I were able to better keep my own emotions in check while trading. Months like this only reinforce how empowering trading can be when you do feel in control.

So, to put a bow a truly kickass April, let’s all try and maintain our zen during whatever the month of May will bring to the market.


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