Will Vladimir Putin Retain Power And People Respect Supreme Court After Roe V Wade Ruling? Events Ray Dalio Is Watching

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  • Domestic order in the U.S. is changing as people seem to think causes are more important than the system - Dalio
  • Says Russia can claim a relative win in Ukraine war and not an absolute win
  • Whether Russia wins or loses will also depend on Putin staying in power and on world stage

In the wake of the U.S. Independence Day on Monday, billionaire Ray Dalio shared his thoughts on the changing domestic and world orders.

Domestic Order In Jeopardy? Dalio sees more people inclining toward fighting for "what they want and what they believe is right" rather than striving to arrive at a rules-based system of consensus and compromise.

"When the causes that people are behind are more important to them than the system, the system is in jeopardy," the founder of hedge fund Bridgewater Associates said.

He wondered whether the principles that bind Americans together now are stronger or weaker.

Dalio said he would be watching whether Supreme Court decisions will or won't be respected. The comment is significant in the wake of the recent Supreme Court verdict, overturning the Roe Vs. Wade ruling that established constitutional rights to abortion.

The decision has polarized the U.S. people, while also eliciting strong condemnation from several quarters.

He is also keen on finding out whether the mid-term elections in November will go toward reaffirming or undermining the existing domestic order.

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Changing World Order Amid Ukraine War: Dalio sees the world order changing due to the great power conflicts like the one that is underway in Ukraine.

Looking at the war thus far, it seems that Russia is winning, or is at least a "lesser loser, the billionaire said. He noted that Russia has also been terribly damaged by the war, although the devastation in Ukraine has been so much greater.

Russia can claim a relative win because the war will be economically costly to Ukraine and to those countries willing to pay to rebuild Ukraine, Dalio said. It will be even more costly to NATO countries, he added.

Whether Russia wins or loses will depend not only on the country ultimately controlling the eastern part of Ukraine but also on the country avoiding intolerable declines in economic conditions, and President Vladimir Putin staying in power and remaining on the world stage, he added.

Dalio is of the view that U.S.-led sanctions have been moderately costly for the U.S. and non-sanctioned entities due to inefficiencies that are impacting the economy, dollar, and the U.S. capital markets.

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