PreMarket Prep Stock Of The Day: Pfizer

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With the Delta variant of COVID-19 becoming more widespread, it has piqued the interest of investors in companies that have already produced vaccines. The biggest of those companies is Pfizer Inc. PFE.

Slow Mover: While Moderna Inc. MRNA and Novavax NVAX have had massive price appreciation over the past 16 months, Pfizer has not. The reason being its COVID-19 vaccine isn't a huge part of the company's profits from drugs in the pipeline that have gone to market.

It's also a low-priced, heavily traded value stock that isn't subject to violent swings as institutions holding the issue need to move huge blocks of stocks that can't be absorbed instantly.

Trading Range: The session prior to Pfizer announcing its successful trials for the COVID-19 vaccine, the issue closed at $34.61. In a very un-Pfizer-like price action, it sprinted to $39.80 on Nov. 9, 2020, and retreated to end the session at $37.16.

In February and March, investors had the opportunity to go long the issue at a discount to the pre-vaccine closing price when it bottomed at the $33.50 area in both months.

Since April it has been in a well-defined trading range from $35.76 to $41.09. Since May the bottom of the range moved up to the $38 area and last week it had a tight range from $39.53 to $40.35.

Ramping Up For Breakout: Despite the weakness in the broad market on Friday and Monday, the issue closed above last Thursday’s close ($40.09) as it ended Monday’s session at $40.15. In the process, it put in a double top at $40.35, which was just under June’s high of $40.72.

With a huge rally in the broad market as a tailwind, Pfizer opened flat and took out the wall of sellers at both of the aforementioned resistance levels. In fact, the momentum has taken the issue to $41.71 and has backed off to the $41 area as of 3:30 p.m. EST.

Besides the Delta variant scare and the broad-based rally, there is no specific news to account for the huge price appreciation.

Moving Forward: The question now remains is whether or not Pfizer can maintain this momentum and go on test its December high ($43.08), which was a two-year high, and beyond. It should be noted Pfizer quickly retreated from that high and didn't bottom until February at $33.36.

A good indication of what may happen will be the closing price from Tuesday’s session along with the current high. There's little doubt of huge institutional sell orders at $42, $42,50 and $43, with scattered size along the way, which means it won't be easy.


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