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FAANG Stocks Won't Be Any Less Attractive Even When 'World Goes Back To Normal,' Says Cramer

December 1, 2020 4:12 am
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FAANG Stocks Won't Be Any Less Attractive Even When 'World Goes Back To Normal,' Says Cramer

Most FAANG stocks, Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL), Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX), and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), have lagged the major indices growth in November, growing low-to-mid single-digits. Yet, they are "the best in show," as per CNBC "Mad Money" show host Jim Cramer.

Apple and Alphabet are the two exceptions that have grown roughly 10% in November, still less than Nasdaq's 11.8% growth. 

"These stocks have gone out of style in the Wall Street fashion show, lamentably," Cramer said — adding that smart money signifies a rotation into small-cap stocks or any stock that needs a roaring economy to thrive.

The FAANG stocks are one of the biggest gainers this year due to the benefits of stay-at-home. As the market keeps an eye on the COVID-19 vaccine developments, it rotates out of the stay-at-home stocks into the cyclical stocks that would benefit from the economy's reopening.

"There are some stocks that become a lot less attractive when the world goes back to normal, but not FAANG," Cramer said. He called FAANG stocks in-charge of their destinies, unfazed from the economic downturn. White House leadership or the vaccine timeline does not affect these companies as they are not cyclical.

Facebook: The management has changed its narrative from a profit-seeking company to a product-based company helping small and medium-sized businesses affected by the pandemic. Cramer said that many executives had told him that advertising on Facebook gives the best bang for the buck, and it is a bargain for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Cramer said Facebook has a great defense if regulators turn in on the company as it has become essential for small and medium business. The social media giant can also move into the payments space. Facebook gained 5% in November.

Apple: Analysts are bullish on Apple, citing the strength of the latest iPhone 12. Cramer reiterated that Apple's service revenue stream keeps growing and is still in infancy as Apple has the most loyal customer base. According to Cramer, the rapidly declining dollar is bullish for Apple and the next year's earnings estimates are low.

Cramer said that Apple does not get enough credit for the wearables. "They own the wearables space," he added. Cramer said that Apple should be valued like a tech company instead of a consumer packaged goods company.

Amazon: With coronavirus cases rising, more consumers move to online shopping. The company is going big in the pharmaceutical space, and it keeps reinventing itself.

Netflix: Cramer said that Netflix knows what users want to watch. Its latest show, "The Queen's Gambit," was an unexpected and incredible hit, and one should not rule out Netflix's growth yet.

Alphabet: Google parent Alphabet keeps growing, be it YouTube monetization or Google Cloud services. Once the vaccines are out and travel opens, Alphabet becomes an advertisement play. 

"FAANG stocks are not going anytime soon," if you ask Cramer.

Price Action: On Monday, FB shares closed 0.30% lower at $276.97, AAPL closed 2.11% higher at $119.05, AMZN closed 0.85% lower at $3,168.04, NFLX closed lower by 0.13% at $490.70, and GOOG closed 1.81% lower at $1,760.74.

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