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After Hours: 4:00PM EDT

CEVA (NASDAQ:CEVA) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

CEVA: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Mar 19, 2024Louis SilverDIRECTOR0$18.98-$109.46KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%40.576KMar 15View
Jun 16, 2023Louis SilverDIRECTOR0$22.68-$172.64KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%35.697KJun 14View
Jun 15, 2022Louis SilverDIRECTOR0$25.28-$199.42KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%31.904KJun 14View
May 18, 2022Michael BoukayaCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.331K$34.00-$79.25KSELL-14.95%13.263KMay 16View
Mar 18, 2022Issachar OhanaEVP WORLDWIDE SALES-6K$38.68-$232.08KSELL-10.52%51.06KMar 16View
Dec 13, 2021Issachar OhanaEVP WORLDWIDE SALES-9.338K$46.00-$429.55KSELL-15.92%49.309KDec 08View
Nov 19, 2021Gideon WertheizerCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-8.409K$49.68-$417.79KSELL-7.35%106.024KNov 17View
May 26, 2021Michael BoukayaCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.331K$43.56-$101.54KSELL-12.81%15.868KMay 24View
Mar 18, 2021Yaniv ArieliCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-9.197K$62.00-$570.21KSELL-14.19%55.617KMar 16View
Feb 26, 2021Gideon WertheizerCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-16.316K$66.64-$1.09MSELL-12.54%113.756KFeb 25View
Feb 25, 2021Issachar OhanaEVP WORLDWIDE SALES-14.401K$66.58-$958.82KSELL-19.89%58.012KFeb 23View
Feb 24, 2021Zvi LimonDIRECTOR-15.714K$47.25-$2.12MSELL-65.08%8.43KFeb 22View
Feb 24, 2021Louis SilverDIRECTOR0$51.73-$553.02KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%29.23KFeb 22View
Feb 24, 2021Michael BoukayaCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-34.399K$72.18-$2.48MSELL-65.40%18.199KFeb 22View
Feb 24, 2021Gideon WertheizerCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-23K$70.17-$1.61MSELL-15.03%130.072KFeb 22View
Feb 22, 2021Yaniv ArieliCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-30.395K$68.20-$2.07MSELL-31.92%64.814KFeb 19View
Feb 22, 2021Gideon WertheizerCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-40K$70.63-$2.83MSELL-20.72%153.072KFeb 19View
Feb 22, 2021Sven Christer NilssonDIRECTOR0$46.18-$1.39MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%27.84KFeb 19View
Feb 22, 2021Zvi LimonDIRECTOR0$48.89-$885.88KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%24.144KFeb 19View
Feb 22, 2021Maria MarcedDIRECTOR0$50.30-$1.50MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%10.494KFeb 18 - Feb 19View
Feb 22, 2021Eliyahu AyalonDIRECTOR-9.214K$44.79-$1.21MSELL-52.22%8.43KFeb 18View
Feb 22, 2021Issachar OhanaEVP WORLDWIDE SALES-14.432K$67.92-$980.28KSELL-16.62%72.413KFeb 18 - Feb 19View
Feb 22, 2021Michael BoukayaCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-1.941K$67.58-$131.16KSELL-3.56%52.598KFeb 18View
Aug 21, 2020Michael Boukaya-2.338K$42.86-$100.20KSELL-12.11%16.975KAug 19View
Aug 20, 2020Gideon Wertheizer-37.784K$42.72-$1.61MSELL-25.42%110.851KAug 18 - Aug 19View
Aug 19, 2020Peter McManamon12.692K$30.77-$1.16MOPTION EXERCISE4.49%295.271KAug 17View
Aug 14, 2020Peter McManamon0$36.77-$17.72KOPTION EXERCISE0.00%282.579KAug 12View
Aug 14, 2020Michael Boukaya-486$42.74-$20.77KSELL-2.45%19.313KAug 12View
Jun 05, 2020Issachar Ohana-2.581K$36.00-$92.92KSELL-5.98%40.611KJun 04View
Feb 24, 2020Bruce Mann-13.422K$27.46-$1.12MTAX-59.37%9.185KFeb 20View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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