Cadence Bank
At close: Jun 14
After Hours: 4:00PM EDT
The dividend Ex-Date was 2 days ago

Cadence Bank (NYSE:CADE) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

Cadence Bank: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Jun 16, 2021Marc J ShapiroDIRECTOR6.102K$21.40$130.58KBUY1.89%329.561KJun 15View
Jun 04, 2021Joseph W EvansDIRECTOR-21.5K$22.41-$481.81KSELL-5.50%369.669KJun 04View
May 24, 2021Joseph W EvansDIRECTOR-21.5K$22.61-$486.12KSELL-5.21%391.169KMay 21View
May 19, 2021J Thomas Wiley, JrDIRECTOR-45.229K$22.78-$1.03MSELL-20.38%176.66KMay 14View
May 19, 2021Sheila RayEVP, CHIEF TALENT OFFICER-20K$23.00-$460.00KSELL-37.10%33.914KMay 18View
May 12, 2021J Thomas Wiley, JrDIRECTOR-54.771K$23.07-$1.26MSELL-19.80%221.889KMay 10View
May 11, 2021Joseph W EvansDIRECTOR-38K$22.99-$873.62KSELL-8.43%412.669KMay 10View
Feb 25, 2021J. Randall SchultzEVP & SPEC INDUS SERV EXEC-6K$22.13-$132.78KSELL-10.35%51.946KFeb 24View
Feb 10, 2021J Thomas Wiley, JrDIRECTOR-100K$19.36-$1.94MSELL-50.23%99.1KFeb 08 - Feb 09View
Dec 17, 2020Precious W Owodunni1.03036K$15.16$15.62KPURCHASE12.37%9.36151KDec 15View
Dec 17, 2020Kathy N Waller1.03036K$15.16$15.62KPURCHASE1.06%97.80151KDec 15View
Dec 17, 2020William B. Harrison, Jr.2.30802K$15.16$34.99KPURCHASE0.34%687.082KDec 15View
Dec 17, 2020Virginia A Hepner1.1541K$15.16$17.50KPURCHASE6.01%20.34727KDec 15View
Dec 17, 2020J Richard Fredericks2.06073K$15.16$31.24KPURCHASE1.64%127.77176000000001KDec 15View
Nov 24, 2020J Thomas Wiley, Jr-20K$14.52-$290.40KSELL-5.04%376.66KNov 23View
Nov 20, 2020J Thomas Wiley, Jr-30K$14.66-$439.80KSELL-7.03%396.66KNov 18View
Oct 23, 2020Joseph W Evans4K$12.11$48.44KPURCHASE0.89%455.669KOct 23View
Sep 17, 2020William B. Harrison, Jr.3.894K$8.99$35.00KPURCHASE0.57%684.774KSep 15View
Sep 17, 2020Virginia A Hepner1.947K$8.99$17.50KPURCHASE11.29%19.193KSep 15View
Sep 17, 2020Precious W Owodunni1.738K$8.99$15.62KPURCHASE26.36%8.331KSep 15View
Sep 17, 2020Kathy N Waller1.738K$8.99$15.62KPURCHASE1.83%96.771KSep 15View
Sep 17, 2020J Richard Fredericks3.477K$8.99$31.25KPURCHASE2.84%125.711KSep 15View
Aug 05, 2020Joseph W Evans5K$8.08$40.40KPURCHASE1.12%451.669KAug 05View
Jul 29, 2020J Thomas Wiley, Jr-50K$8.14-$407.04KSELL-10.49%426.66KJul 27View
Jul 28, 2020Paul B Murphy Jr15K$8.15$122.25KPURCHASE2.98%517.642KJul 27View
Jun 17, 2020Scott M Stuart1.56K$8.27$12.90KPURCHASE0.19%819.745KJun 15View
Jun 17, 2020Kathy N Waller1.889K$8.27$15.62KPURCHASE2.03%94.928KJun 15View
Jun 17, 2020Precious W Owodunni1.889K$8.27$15.62KPURCHASE41.07%6.488KJun 15View
Jun 17, 2020Virginia A Hepner2.116K$8.27$17.50KPURCHASE14.11%17.111KJun 15View
Jun 17, 2020William B. Harrison, Jr.4.232K$8.27$34.99KPURCHASE0.63%680.562KJun 15View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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