Jack Perkins, D.Min., LADC's new release "To Believe or Not to Believe: Christians in a Pluralistic World" is an in-depth look at challenges faced by the modern church

"To Believe or Not to Believe: Christians in a Pluralistic World" from Christian Faith Publishing author Jack Perkins, D.Min., LADC is a thought-provoking study of what has led to a vast reduction in church affiliation and the ever-widening chasm between believers and non-believers.

MEADVILLE, Pa., Dec. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- "To Believe or Not to Believe: Christians in a Pluralistic World": a clear look at the complexities of modern ministry work. "To Believe or Not to Believe: Christians in a Pluralistic World" is the creation of published author Jack Perkins, D.Min., LADC, a dedicated husband who carries a bachelor's degree in religion and religious education, a master's degree in theology, and a Doctor of Ministry with a focus on the integration of spirituality, human development, and psychotherapy.

Perkins shares, "Research has shown there is a great divide between the church and the unaffiliated, to include those who tend toward atheism. This concern inspired the author to step away from full-time ministry to work as a counselor in a state owned and operated residential facility to better understand the thought processes of those who are not invested in Christianity. He became aware of an us-versus-them mindset held by some Christians; this attitude has resulted in Christians drawing a tight circle around themselves that has created a barrier for reaching those not affiliated with the church. There are several consequences. First, it has resulted in a deep decline in baptisms and church affiliation for churches; less than 50 percent of Americans surveyed are members of a church. Second, it has resulted in Christians believing there is no hope for those outside the church. Third, the 'gospel presentation' utilized by many is to continually make jabs at the unaffiliated, bordering on a scare tactic.

"Too many churches have attempted to use revival-era styles of evangelism, contemporary approaches, and/or a social perspective; however, the chasm has widened. This book takes an in-depth look at the philosophical systems that keep people from embracing Christianity. The author also provides a theological model for helping others understand a theological base for the Christian worldview. The greatest contribution of the book is the way it offers hope for reaching the unaffiliated and provides practical ways of connecting with those outside the church."

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jack Perkins, D.Min., LADC's new book encourages ministers and congregations in the need for offering a more inclusive approach to spreading the good news of Jesus.

Perkins shares in hopes of shedding light on the varied reasons for why church memberships are diminishing and how one can work to turn that trend around.

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