BZI Exceeds 10-Fold Growth in Five Years Through Its Patented Construction Technology and Innovations Bringing Higher Safety and Building Efficiencies

Steel erection and fabrication company attracts nation's biggest companies and retailers, receives industry validation for processes, and highlights its one-of-a-kind SteelTech Academy, a 2-week safety and training program for all BZI team members

BZI technology and processes directly address growing warehouse demand, need for faster completion times and outdated standards for safety conditions at construction sites

Building Zone Industries, LLC, (BZI) (, a national leader in construction and technology for safer, simpler and more efficient building processes, announced today that the company's patented and proprietary construction equipment, exclusive innovations and processes in steel erection and fabrication, wall panelization and roofing systems, have resulted in the company growing its revenue more than 10-fold and employee base to 450 in only five years. BZI's one-of-a-kind building equipment, innovative practices and exclusive SteelTech Academy are attracting the world's most renowned businesses and retailers and biggest general contractors as customers, improving safety methods for construction workers and bringing higher efficiencies for project completion timelines.

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Building Zone Industries (BZI), a leading provider of steel erection and fabrication and innovative construction systems, highlights its MezzMaster, which is one of many patented methods and equipment developed by the company to bring safer, simpler and more efficient approaches for raising walls, roofs and mezzanines. BZI

"BZI is hyper-focused on revolutionizing the steel and construction industries through our breakthrough innovations, team performance and accelerated project delivery, while also establishing new standards of excellence for the industry in safety and efficiencies," said James Barlow, CEO at BZI.

BZI technology has literally turned the industry upside-down across multiple building practices by transforming industry methods in steel erection and fabrication and wall panelization. Instead of using a current process of constructing the steel walls while vertically in the air, BZI has developed an exclusive technology and technique that allow steel modules to be constructed on the ground and then installed. The company has also developed several exclusive new processes and equipment that allow the construction and erection of steel to be faster and safer by using new methods of ergonomic positioning, engineering and design systems and workflow.

"Our new approaches are proving to make a significant and measurable difference across all industry segments and communities where we do business," added Barlow. "We are raising the bar -- literally and figuratively -- for the construction, engineering and steel industries."

A few proprietary and patented advanced approaches and equipment developed by BZI's InnovaTech™ division, established in 2017, include:

  • Panel Table - Transforms the assembling and transporting of joists, bridging, frames and deck
  • MezzMaster- Improves the traditional means of lifting roofs and mezzanines
  • Roof Terrain Vehicle (RTV)™ - Provides safe access to connection locations that can be worked more efficiently
  • WallMaster - Brings more efficient, simpler and safer wall system installations
  • SkyBrace - Provides an innovative bracing solution that ensures structural stability
  • BeamChamp - Allows for a more efficient and much safer way to rotate steel beams for welding and inspection applications

The company examined every aspect of the construction workflow and searched for new ways to make its practices safer and more efficient, instead of simply accepting existing, and many times, archaic tactics. "Just because an industry may hold onto a longtime tradition of doing things does not mean it's the best application for our workers and customers," added Barlow. "Our questioning brought us to an expanded level of thinking, new line of innovative equipment, means of execution and stronger performance records."

One independent Cal Poly study validates the advancements and efficiencies around BZI's "top-down" building process.

Some of the world's largest and most well-known businesses and retailers turn to BZI for their warehouse and brick and mortar needs, due to an increasing demand for warehouse facilities and BZI's ability to bring higher efficiencies in building times and safety conditions for their work force. BZI is also seeing an increasing demand from global companies from such segments as chip manufacturing, battery production, data centers and warehouse distribution companies.

"Prospect Steel is pleased to see BZI grow, innovate and change the market with their unique construction systems, which greatly improve production, safety and completion schedules," said Ryan Walmsley, Vice President at Prospect Steel, who has partnered with BZI over the last five years to build a number of large e-commerce facilities in multiple states. "Our own corporate values of ‘People, Quality, Safety and Innovation' align well with BZI's values of ‘Teamwork and Innovation in Action.' These qualities represent an approach that will continue to have a positive impact on the industry and our customers."

The company's advancements are helping to solve a multitude of growing problems facing the steel and construction industries, such as a labor shortage, cost overruns and extensive delays in almost all mega-scale projects and on-site safety conditions, making construction one of the top industries with the highest death rates of any industry. "Our new ways of thinking and disrupting the norm are leading to better-than-industry safety numbers and generating a positive ripple effect across the lives and families of construction workers -- all while providing better ways to meet the growing and evolving needs of our customers," said Barlow.

In addition, a massive opportunity exists to apply BZI's innovations and help meet the growing demand for 330 million square feet of warehouse space, connected to online fulfillment, by 2025. Increased efficiencies resulting from BZI innovations are allowing the company to consistently raise more than 2.5 million square feet of steel per month. Since 2017, BZI has installed more than 85.7 million square feet in building space.

"It's rewarding to be based in a rural town of Utah and know our advancements in technology and processes are impacting our ability to help save lives and attract leading companies across the globe," added Barlow.

To learn more about BZI , visit, email or call us at 888.509.2280.

Headquartered in Kanarraville, Utah, Building Zone Industries, LLC (BZI) is a leading innovator in steel fabrication and erection and wall installation. Recognized throughout the industry for developing new technologies, equipment, and processes, BZI is relentlessly focused on improving safety and efficiency. The company operates with three primary divisions: Building Zone Industries (steel erection), BZI Steel (steel fabrication), and InnovaTech for specialized design, engineering and innovations and works in partnership with major retail, distribution, and industrial clients across the United States and internationally. The company offers an exclusive two-week safety and training program for all team members at its SteelTech Academy. Beginning as farmers raising pole barns, BZI has grown through its innovations and team members to become a prominent provider of steel and construction needs for companies around the world. The company, which is a member of and accredited by AISC, has completed and is currently executing on major construction projects in 49 states. BZI is honored to be part of the Forbes Business Council and join other innovative companies and their executives leading and advancing industries.

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