Lot.Trade Enables Kyrrex Exchange to Implement Gamification Tools Helping Kyrrex Users Boost Annual Returns

KYIV, Ukraine, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Partnership of Lot.Trade, gamification platform based on blockchain, and Kyrrex, global financial ecosystem for payment and investment, provides a range of income-generating avenues for Kyrrex users.

The Lot.Trade platform helps decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges engage customers by offering them customized tournaments for crypto traders and holders with big prize pools. Lot.Trade (LOT) is the project that over the past year has remained at the forefront of mainstreaming crypto trading through gamification: tournaments, battles and challenges.

Leonid Litvinenko, CEO and co-founder of Lot.Trade: "It's a great opportunity for Kyrrex users to leverage Lot.Trade tools and services while trading on the Kyrrex exchange. Engaging types of contests between traders can contribute to organic increase of trading activity and help the exchange in attracting new customers".

Currently Lot.Trade offers the token holders, including tournaments participants, to stake its native tokens (LOTT) on three platforms, namely Lot.Trade, NFTb and Cyberfy, and envisages the annual income of up to 45%. Staking is the process of locking tokens in a smart contract in order to reduce the number of tokens in circulation. In exchange for locking up the tokens, stakers receive rewards and benefits. The amount of benefits depends on the staking period.

On top of that, the company put forth another innovative value proposition coming soon -  LOTT token wrapped in NFT. Tokens and NFTs can subsequently be staked to reap even more rewards. The endgame of all tournaments for now is to make as much as possible off the transaction charge. That is why every participant is equal and has the same chances to win, as the deposited amount is not taken into account.

Earlier this year Lot.Trade successfully completed its IDO on the following platforms: CyberFI, NFTb and Finminity, selling out all listed tokens and leaving numerous users craving for more. The list of the company's partners is constantly expanding, and, apart from Kyrrex, now includes Alpha Moon Capital, Legion Ventures, Localtrade, CyberFI, NFTb and Finminity.

About Lot.Trade

Lot.Trade is a cross-exchange gaming platform for crypto traders. All tournaments are smart-contract based with a standardized ranking system and tradeable NFT of unique design. The platform hosts regular tournaments known as the Professional League, which provides a Global Rating of the world's top crypto traders. There are also Master Tournaments sponsored by partners, as well as private tournaments where access and regulations are restricted by third parties.

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