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'Post-Its and Polaroids' is Now Free to Download for Four Days (22/11/2020)


Mary Swan-Bell is proud to present the Kindle edition of her partial memoir, partial coming-of-age novel that is bound to pull at the heartstrings of all readers. Written honestly and with the tone of a close friend or confidant, 'Post-Its and Polaroids: Snippets and Snapshots of an Overthought Life' is highly emotional and nostalgic as Mary reminisces on her highs and lows; her lessons learned; and her journey back to a life of purity and, above all, self-forgiveness.

'Post-Its and Polaroids: Snippets and Snapshots of an Overthought Life', with its unapologetic honesty and candidness, will undoubtedly lead readers down their own road of self-reflection as they navigate the many life experiences and lessons of Mary's life, likely drawing parallels between hers and their own. Exploring themes of religion, inner peace, and honesty, Mary Swan-Bell's 'Post-Its and Polaroids' is the read everyone needs in order to come back down from the rush of day-to-day life and reflect on the course they have taken.

'Post-Its and Polaroids: Snippets and Snapshots of an Overthought Life' is now Free and Available for Download on Amazon for Four Days (November 22, 2020, through to November 25, 2020) at:

'Post-Its and Polaroids: Snippets and Snapshots of an Overthought Life' has been rated 5 stars by those who have purchased the book. Some of the book's review comments include the following:

'[The] Internal and external battles I've fought in my own life spill out in her pages in a familiar way, but with a different and always better vantage point. Mary pulls back the curtain on her childhood, the tragedy, the pain and emptiness, and proves that you can allow these things to shape you… And you can move forward.' – Lori

'Reading this book felt like sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking a bottle of wine, and sharing stories with one of your dearest friends. Beautifully written [and] with an economical, straight-forward style, this is a book that has stayed with me long after the final paragraph has been read.' – Irving Kuo

'Post-Its and Polaroids is an incredibly well written, tear jerking, thought provoking, and fiercely brave story.' – Sarah Broadie

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About the Author:
Mary Swan-Bell is a freelance writer, content creator and pathological overthinker with a penchant for coffee, musicals, and the ocean. A self-described spiritual junkie and aspiring mystic, she spends most of her time reading, writing and adoring her husband of 24 years and three children. This is her first book, but you can find more of her writing at Adventures in Overthinking, Elephant Journal, and Medium.

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