Center for Children's Rights Successfully Rolls-Out Coordinated Care Software C3S App: Designed to Bridge the Opportunity Gap


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Cutting-edge tech innovator Dr. Mintu Bachann has constructed an application to address the impact of negative social determinants of the lives of children and families. Through partnerships with nonprofits, churches, schools, and NGOs, the app will aim to connect users to further assistance in their efforts to elevate children's overall needs. The goal is to build resilience, self-sufficiency, and stability in the lives of millions.

Dr. Mintu Bachann has announced a successful rollout of the C3S application at the Center for Children's Rights (CCR). The CCR has been using the app for the past month, and now after applying crucial updates and introducing new features, the CCR is going live with the app full time.

C3S was made with the mission to bridge the gap between disadvantaged children and families and the resources they need to thrive. This groundbreaking care management system was developed in partnership with the Center for Children's Rights. The CCR provides restorative justice and civil legal services for kids and their families with a focus on education and access issues.

"80% of well-being comes from social determinants", says Dr. Jeffrey L. Goldhagen, a board member at the CCR and professor at UF College of Medicine. The C3S app identifies resources to solve the impact of negative social determinants on children by enabling instant access to aid. By connecting social workers, pediatricians, lawyers, and teachers in the area, the app expedites the process of getting immediate help and access to legal aid, basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing, and educational programs.

The C3S app is HIPPA and FERPA compliant, allowing care coordination between organizations with an individual's case file that can hold their electronic medical records in addition to assessment information. Betsy Dobbins, Executive Director at CCR, has noted the C3S app "has the potential to change the way organizations work with between themselves and with their clients." This is achieved by reducing the intake process in support systems, providing a more holistic approach to the care and well-being of children and families. The app has three main features:

1.    Case management system for children and families.
2.    Direct communication systems for contact between local partners.
3.    Mass notification alerts about crucial information to users.

Dr. Bachann believes the C3S app will be a decisive social care software for overcoming the problems with social determinants with children, allowing many to flourish without encountering obstacles to basic needs.

About C3S.Org

C3S app is a social determinants of health solution for health and social care professionals. C3S is a holistic solution connecting people with social care services and healthcare providers, empowering them to actively pursue resiliency and self-sufficiency. The efficiency, transparency and accountability that technology provides prevents people from getting lost in the system.

About CCR

Center for Children's Rights mission is to advance the rights of children through legal advocacy, policy and practice transformation, and restorative justice. We believe that every kid can thrive if they have access to the right supports and services; are connected to the right people, places, and opportunities for their development; and when they are treated equitably. We make sure kids have what they need to stay on track.



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