Artificial Intelligence, Digital Assets, Enabled Customers and Advisor Platforms are WealthTech Trends to Watch in 2020


NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Xtiva has compiled a collection of insights from 20 top WealthTech and finance industry influencers identifying trends that wealth management firms and advisors should pay attention to in 2020 and beyond.

Key insights identified in the WealthTech Trends 2020 report include:

  • AI and data-driven technologies will remodel advice, powering scalable and ultra-efficient money management and goal planning, while shifting human advisors up the advice stack.
  • Holistic planning, supported by deeply integrated tools, will become the foundation of advice and guidance, and regardless of the delivery modality, will accelerate the collapse of non-customer centric silos.
  • Technology will empower the Enabled Customer, who will demand more collaborative wealth management relationships.
  • Scalable, integrated digital wealth platforms will open new markets and render old business models obsolete.
  • New digital asset classes, trading platforms and intelligent tools will radically expand the ways and means to invest.

"Digital technology is changing virtually everything about our financial lives – how we pay, how we save and invest, but also how we get help and advice," says Tom Moysak, CEO of Xtiva. "With so much change occurring at a rapid pace, it's critical for financial services businesses to find ways to use data to better understand where they need to head and how to get there."

Contributors to WealthTech Trends 2020 include:
Aaron Klein, Riskalyze
April Rudin, The Rudin Group
Barbara Stewart, Rich Thinking
Bradley Leimer, Unconventional Ventures
Craig Iskowitz, Ezra Group
Davyde Wachell, Responsive AI
Efi Pylarinou, Efi Pylarinou Advisory
Gavin Spitzner, Wealth Consulting Partners
Jeff Marsden, Xtiva
Jim Roth, BNY Mellon | Pershing
Josh Book, Parameter Insights
Julie Littlechild, Absolute Engagement
Kendra Thompson, Deloitte
Lex Sokolin, ConsenSys
Nathan Stevenson, Forwardlane
Ramya Joseph, Pefin
Seb Dovey, Advisor and Board Member
Tim Welsh, Nexus Strategy
Urs Bolt,
William Trout, Celent

"Success or failure for wealth management firms in the coming decade is going to come down to identifying and understanding how markets are evolving, and then making smart decisions with a commitment to drive winning new business models," says Jeff Marsden, Chief Product Officer for Xtiva. "It is our hope that the WealthTech Trends 2020 report can help by highlighting some of the people and ideas that we feel are on point."


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For Xtiva:
Jeff Marsden, Chief Product Officer

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"Clients that have good information management will get better outcomes."
~ Seb Dovey

"Co-creation of value isn't just asking for feedback. It's about client involvement and the creation of a truly personalized experience."
~ Julie Littlechild


"Technology won't replace advisors but will instead augment their ability to serve. However, it will replace advisors who don't leverage technology effectively."
~ Gavin Spitzner

"Technology is democratizing both financial education and access. There is a global realignment towards a new model of investing. Women, millennials and GenY are finding it easiest to adapt to change and technology is their best friend."
~ Barbara Stewart

"Voice is fuel for the systems of intelligence that will inevitably drive business success."
~ Jeff Marsden


Brad Leimer – Rethinking wealth industry business models
Barbara Stewart – Investor self-reliance
Josh Book – Ditch feature-laden jargon
Julie Littlechild – Value will be co-created
Aaron Klein – Making high-quality behavioral decisions
April Rudin – Digital opportunities for high net worth individuals
Craig Iskowitz – Consolidated advisor dashboards become a differentiator
Seb Dovey – What makes the Roaring 2020s profitable for the wealth management industry
Kendra Thompson – It's going to be about the how
Efi Pylarinou – The Robinhood Effect, AI & distributed ledgers
Tim Welsh – The Great Disruption from unbundling continues
Lex Sokolin – Bridge the gap to digital assets
Urs Bolt – The rising importance of alternative investments
Gavin Spitzner – AI will improve client experience and lower costs to serve
Jeff Marsden – Voice as the ultimate intelligent interface
William Trout – 2020 is the year AI gets real
Ramya Joseph – AI-driven efficiencies will free up advisors
Nathan Stevenson – Can AI reduce anxiety for advisors?
Jim Roth – Dominance of the digitized ecosystem
Davyde Wachell – Relentless disruption will humble us all

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