Director Tim Chey Sits Down To Talk About His Latest Movie 'THE ISLANDS' and Being a Former Atheist.


HONOLULU, Oct. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Timothy Chey recently spoke on stage at the North American Christian Convention (NACC) to talk about his latest film, 'The Islands' and the courage of Chiefess Kapiolani.

He sat down to share the struggles of making the film and releasing the film into theaters this December 6 nationwide. Here were some questions:

Audience member #1: "What brought you to make this movie?"

Tim Chey: "I was planning to make a very ambitious film on four stories: Captain Cook, King Kamehameha, Queen Lili'uokulani, and Chiefess Kapiolani. The film's budget was hovering around $60 million. When we couldn't raise all of it, my investors said maybe I should do just one; so I picked Chiefess Kapiolani."

Audience member #2: "Why this person?"

Tim Chey: "Her incredible bold faith and courage has not been seen in that many world leaders when you think about it. She found Christ and challenged the volcano god at great risk and persecution. I don't know many other leaders who would have gone into an active volcano to demonstrate their new faith. Remember this was 200 years ago."

Audience member #3: "Big fan of yours. I've seen all of your films, especially "Freedom". Do you like the historical genre?"

Tim Chey: "I love historical films. And I love films with redemption. I was a former atheist who want to see Christianity abolished when I was at Harvard and later I wanted to see Christianity abolished when I was a litigation attorney. But I found Christ. And now I understand what made Kapiolani head up that volcano that morning 200 years back. She risked it all and didn't care. That's what God can do to you. He can make you risk it all and not care."

Audience member #4: "Did you suffer any hardships in making the film?"

Tim Chey: "I did, but it's nothing to what Christ suffered on the Cross at Calvary. When I finally saw the film at our premiere, I just shook my head at the awesomeness of God. It was not me directing the film at all – I'm a nobody – that was the Lord. It's His film and He will prevail in the end."

Based on the incredible true story of one of the most courageous acts in world history, 'The Islands' hits theaters in the U.S. on December 6, 2019.

The film has received a lot of positive media attention for using Native Hawaiians/Polynesians in the lead roles. Oscar-Award winning actress Mira Sorvino also plays one of the Boston missionaries to arrive into Hawaii in 1821.

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