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Gama Sonic Releases New Translucent Solar Panel Technology for Maximum Solar Power


NORCROSS, Ga., Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Gama Sonic, an industry leader in providing environmentally friendly lighting options for customers and businesses worldwide, is releasing new solar panel technology that will benefit both residential and commercial clients.

TSP, or Translucent Solar Panel, is an industry-changing technology that embeds monocrystalline solar cells into the glass panes of the light fixture, using the largest surfaces to create solar panels. While most solar lights today are built with traditional square shaped monocrystalline solar panels, this old technology makes it very difficult to integrate solar panel into many light fixture designs. Gama Sonic created TSP to leverage the largest surface area of the exterior light - the glass panes – creating visually pleasing, large solar panels that will produce a true "dusk to dawn" and brighter light. This fluid technology unlocks new solar fixture configurations and allows for a modern appearance that can complete any landscape.

Itay Parness, Gama Sonic's general manager, expressed his delight in announcing this new technology to the public: "We are always looking for ways to integrate more solar panels into our light fixtures, and TSP technologies allowed us to do exactly that! By designing solar power lighting solutions that are both beautiful and effective, the lights we have created from this method are the best that you can find in the industry today."

The newest item available at Gama Sonic with the TSP technology is the Farmhouse Solar Wall Light, GS-130. You can view product information or purchase online.

About Gama Sonic

Gama Sonic is a world leader in both residential and commercial solar lighting solutions. Since their start in 2001, they have created patented, environmentally friendly methods for outdoor lighting. Even now, they are constantly researching the latest technologies, and are creating new, aesthetically pleasing solar power options.

Gama Sonic's products are distributed by well-known corporations such as Home Depot, Lowe's and Amazon. They also display and sell their products on their company website. To find out more about Gama Sonic and their solar powered lighting options, visit:


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