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AllSesame Is AI-based Blockchain One Stop Shop Solution for Restaurateurs and Customers - Which is Leveraged to Help Tackle Restaurant Food Waste


TASHKENT, Uzbekistan, April 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AllSesame ( Sesame Token was developed as a way to help restaurant owners combat the insidious problem of food waste and subsequent food costs, while increasing restaurant review transparency. Sesame Token also provides food enthusiasts a single-source information location for restaurant access, deals, reviews and related news.

Sesame Token is the only digital platform dedicated solely to restaurants and food enthusiasts that leverages the power of blockchain to help encourage transaction and food-sourcing transparency, while helping to significantly reduce food waste. Sesame Token also provides various on-demand food delivery services for clients through decentralized blockchain technology, with a rewarded feedback system that verifies peer reviews related to dining experiences.

"Blockchain have the power to solve so many accountability issues currently experienced in businesses today. Databases can't solve these kinds of problems, as they can be tampered with and do not work between various parties. But that's the strength and certainty of blockchain. We have built a very robust system that provides value by tracking transactions and making them immutable, while also delivering unparalleled user transparency. Food reviews generated on our site are 100 percent legitimate — and that builds solid reputations. In addition, we are using technology to solve real financial problems around food waste," said CEO Doston Jalolov.

The Sesame Token system enables restaurants to contact customers directly regarding new locations, operating hours, food specials, current open tables and other daily restaurant announcements — all in real time. Diners can reciprocate by saving money and giving restaurant reviews via the Sesame Token app, to earn dining reward points. These reviews are verified and authenticated by in-place blockchain technology, absolutely ensuring that all transactions and reviews are genuine and authentic.

Sesame Token Features: For Restaurants and Food Distributors

  • Back-end access to tailored profiles, allowing complete control over how the platform is used along with customized development of the restaurant's public profile.
  • Access to the Sesame Food Network to contact and interact with food providers, publish specialties and market excess food products for quick sale.
  • Upload information about inventory and food consumption metrics; blockchain tech tracks and traces food origins.
  • Allows use of cryptocurrency; sellers receive Sesame tokens for every purchase.
  • Build seller reputation through blockchain-verified customer ratings in a growing, socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace.

Sesame Token Features: For Dining Customers

  • Customized, tailored profiles with food and dining preferences; upload other personal preferences and connect with food enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Access to the Sesame Food Network to contact and interact with restaurants, other local diners, and independent Riders who provide food delivery services.
  • Allows use of cryptocurrency; use Sesame tokens via blockchain technology and an online wallet to execute cashless transactions.
  • Rate sellers and restaurants regarding verified transactions in an open and transparent system that ensures authenticity; earn Sesame tokens for each verified rating.
  • Earn virtual-currency rewards for other types of user participation: written reviews, recommending other users, Facebook advertising, etc.

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About AllSesame

AllSesame is an entire food-lovers ecosystem that helps restauranteurs to connect with distributors, reduce food waste, save money, increase engagement and revenue, and create 100 percent legitimate customer reviews. Utilizing the safety and security of blockchain technology, AllSesame enables restaurants to build their reputations and tackle food costs by engaging their customers directly with last-minute deals and specials. Learn more about AllSesame at:


Doston Jalolov, Founder & CEO

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