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BuildingBITs Launches a Powerful Alternative to Traditional Commercial Real Estate Investing


New Online Platform Enables an Individual to Become a Commercial Real
Estate Investor for as Little as $1,000

a proprietary online real estate investment platform that enables
non-accredited investors to purchase shares, known as "BITs," in
companies that own commercial buildings, launched today.

BuildingBITs is the first company to have received the Securities and
Exchange Commission's qualification under Regulation A+ for individual
properties to be available to non-accredited investors.

"Up until recently federal regulations prohibited smaller, everyday
investors from access to large-scale commercial real estate projects,
which left them few options to grow their wealth and widened the income
gap," BuildingBITs founder Alexander Aginsky said. "New regulations in
2015 helped create a whole new playbook for nonaccredited investors, and
that's where BuildingBITs comes in."

For an investment as small as $1,000, an individual can buy a "BIT."
There is no limit to individual investment prior to a building's full

Using a proprietary online marketplace, BuildingBITs empowers all
investors to access a new class of investments designed to complement
any portfolio type. BuildingBITs' strategy emphasizes new construction,
quality tenants, long-term leases, reduced fees, with conservative

BuildingBITs offers a simple investment process:

STEP 1: Investors browse buildings that appeal to them;

STEP 2: Investors buy as many BITs as they want;

STEP 3: Once the building is fully funded, recurring income and
potential for appreciation kicks in;

STEP 4: Investors can diversify their real estate portfolio by
buying different BITs.

"We are democratizing real estate investment with complete
transparency," Aginsky said. "Traditional REITs are handled by
investment managers at their discretion or whim. We allow investors to
pick their own properties and invest as much as they want."

Current buildings are located in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oregon,
and Minnesota. The company is in aggressive expansion mode and plans to
grow its portfolio throughout North America and abroad.

About BuildingBITs

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, BuildingBITs'
mission is to provide equal access to opportunities in commercial real
estate for all investors, accredited and non-accredited, institutional
and individual, foreign and domestic. The company's objective is to
become a leading global real estate platform, geared to individual
non-accredited investors. Visit
or email

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