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Introducing Vaulted


Introducing Vaulted

The Easy-to-Use Gold Buying App that Gives You Stability and Self-Sufficiency in Building your Financial Future

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DURANGO, Colo., Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- McAlvany ICA, the worldwide authority in gold and other precious metals investing, is pleased to announce the creation of Vaulted, a mobile app investment tool designed specifically for Millennial and Gen X investors charting their own journey to financial security. Launched August 28th, the Vaulted app is designed to help users balance their portfolios by guiding them through the right mix of real gold to purchase - all through any mobile device.

Vaulted was created and designed to help investors add stability to their portfolio by using gold as a hedge against the fluctuations of the market. With Vaulted, buying and securing gold has never been simpler, more affordable, transparent or real-time. Users of the app can purchase gold at the world's most secure vault where all ounces are fully allocated to the client. It is as easy as using an online savings account.

Starting with an investment of as little as $10 and the ability to add any increment at any time, Vaulted provides a level of flexibility that appeals to young investors who may be at different stages in their investment story. Vaulted allows you to view your investment in real-time, and selling your gold is as easy as moving funds from one account to another. Vaulted is more than just a transaction tool, it is a guide to help you achieve financial success. Users can speak with experienced advisors who are available to answer questions and help determine the right amount of gold for your portfolio or manage your account independently.

"Gold is the most changeable and compact value storage medium, and through history, it has been the most enduring, tangible, recognizable and liquid asset in the world," said David McAlvany of Vaulted. "By creating Vaulted, we aim to bring all the benefits of gold as an investment resource to a new demographic of investors, one that moves at an exciting pace and that is interconnected globally now more than ever."

Vaulted prides itself in providing its users with full price transparency and some of the lowest fees available - never more than 1.8%, where competitors' transaction costs for physical gold bars usually start at 2% and can be as high as 10%. Vaulted is able to maintain its low pricing by using cutting-edge technology, eliminating unnecessary middlemen, operating with low overhead and vaulting stored gold bars directly at their manufacturer, the Royal Canadian Mint.

Through Vaulted, individuals are investing in a commodity that has stood the test of time, one that maintains its value and offers a level of flexibility that is not inherent to other types of investments. Vaulted allows its users to create a legacy of financial security for themselves and for those who follow - all with just the tap of a finger.

Benefits of Vaulted

  • Acquire 99.99% fine gold kilo bars at the Royal Canadian Mint
  • All ounces are allocated to the client, not pooled or leased
  • The most transparent and competitive gold pricing
  • Start investing with as little as $10
  • Real-time visibility on your investment
  • Selling gold is as easy as moving funds from one account to another
  • Available to investors in the U.S. and around the world
  • Speak with experienced advisors to answer any questions and help determine investment strategies and management

About Vaulted
For the savvy investor, Vaulted is the easy-to-use gold buying app that gives investors stability and self-sufficiency in building their financial future. Developed by worldwide leaders in precious metals investing, McAlvany ICA, Vaulted is designed to provide a convenient service for diversifying one's portfolio, all from a mobile device. For more information and to get started in the app, visit

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