ADEXT Acquires MyCampaign / MiCampañ

ADEXT Inc., an artificial intelligence project based in Silicon Valley emerges from stealth today to acquire MyCampaign / MiCampañ

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) February 08, 2017

ADEXT Inc., an artificial intelligence project based in Silicon Valley emerges from stealth today to acquire MyCampaign / MiCampañ for an undisclosed amount.

MyCampaign / MiCampaña is an artificial intelligence (AI) sales and marketing automation platform formerly based in Mexico City, seeking to repurpose talent by eliminating all human intervention within the sales and marketing process thus eliminating the need for expensive labor and technical skills.

With clients in 22 countries, MiCampaña makes perfect sense as an acquisition and contributes to ADEXT's autonomous corporation and artificial intelligence ambitions. All the key C-level executives in the previous company are now part of ADEXT.

Daniel Molano, former Co-Founder & CEO of MiCampañ, serial entrepreneur with over 11 years of experience in the industry as CMO, COO, CSO, CPO, among other roles, takes over as CEO of ADEXT.

Gabriel Kent, a seasoned startup CTO brings over 9 years of marketing, analytics and machine learning technology experience to the role of CTO of ADEXT.

Working together for the past 5 years, both Gabriel and Daniel have gained experience generating over $2 billion USD in digital marketing sales, mostly to hundreds of thousands of Small and Medium Business (SMB) customers within the US, Mexico and South America.

Eduardo Solorzano and Mauricio Martinez, co-founded one of the top Latin American digital agencies, providing together enterprise level digital marketing services for over 5 years to large enterprise customers. They join as Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer respectively.

"We're here to change the world and make it a better place by helping SMBs grow with the AI and automation technology required for them to be competitive, get more sales, increase their revenue and grow their businesses. It's small businesses who are bringing food to the table all over the world, yet the technological gap is becoming wider and they're not receiving access to fundamental and necessary technologies due to the lack of technical skills and budget.

SMBs account for over 50% of all sales made in the United States and over 90% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of most countries. By solving the sales process and eliminating human intervention from marketing, we're solving a unique and very complex socio-economic problem.

Our AI currently manages and distributes ads in Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter without human intervention. We will be including other partners such as Snap, Pinterest, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo over the course of the year to increase the sales of our SMB customers even further.

Our angel capital round (incorrectly interpreted as seed) was announced in March 2016 ( which allowed us to evolve to the point we're at now.

In December 2016, we have raised one of the most significant seed rounds in Latin America's history which will be used to expand and focus on 7 English speaking countries (mainly the US where our company is now based) and consolidate our position in the 22 Spanish speaking countries we already have most of our clients at. We will be announcing this Seed round soon," says Daniel Molano, CEO of ADEXT.

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