Courtagen Launches New Avantra Genetics Division to Provide Personalized Genetic Information for Functional Medicine


Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc., an innovative molecular information company, announced today that it has launched Avantra Genetics, a division of the company dedicated to providing advanced genomic information for functional medicine practices. Patients suffering from functional disorders may experience symptoms such as pain, fatigue, numbness or sensations and gastrointestinal distress that can be severe, chronic or debilitating. These disorders are often difficult to diagnose and treat, but may have a genetic origin or influence.

"Physicians practicing functional, integrative, or naturopathic medicine have been early adopters of personalized medicine and the use of personal genetic information to help guide diet and lifestyle choices," said Brian McKernan, CEO of Courtagen Life Sciences. "Our new Avantra Genetics tests provide genomic information focused on biological pathways important to these functional medicine clinicians."

Courtagen's Avantra Genetics division launches two genomic information-only tests for migraines and abdominal pain, with additional tests following later this year. The tests focus on genes in pathways of interest to functional medicine clinicians who want to better understand their patients with the signs, symptoms and indications of pain. The tests cover genes associated with, but are not limited to, celiac disease and lactase deficiency for abdominal pain, and coenzyme Q10 deficiency and dystonia associated with migraines. Also included are selections of common variants reported to be associated with general wellness. These genomic informative reports provide features such as links to literature and databases for the variants identified in the individual tested.

To learn more, visit Courtagen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Avantra Genetics on Facebook and Twitter.

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