Patients Give Feedback on Coolsculpting in Toronto: The Next Big Thing in Permanent Fat Loss

Coolsculpting in Toronto was put to test by two patients who provided their feedback of the latest FDA cleared, permanent fat loss treatment.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) October 01, 2016

This week, Toronto Medical Spa tested out the newest body contouring treatment in the industry, Coolsculpting, with two patients who agreed to try the fat-blasting procedure. Coolsculpting is an FDA cleared treatment which eliminate pockets of fat in the belly, flanks (love handles), arm, thigh and chin area. This treatment claims that in one hour, with no downtime or surgery, patients can be on their way to a slimmer, healthier body. Patients Marcus and Sharleen agreed to try out the treatment at no cost, with the condition of providing honest feedback of their Coolsculpting experience immediately after their treatment, and again two months after their treatment.

Prior to treatment both patients were given individual consultations to discuss health goals and unique treatment plans. The consultation and Coolsculpting treatment was done in the Toronto, Canada office by Coolsculpting specialist, Mabel Sanchez. Before going into the treatment room, Marcus shared, "I'll be honest, I'm a little skeptical… My cousin recommended this to me so it would be awesome if I get the results I'm looking for." While Sharleen was a little less apprehensive. "I'm super excited," Sharleen stated before her treatment, "I mean, what do I have to lose?" The whole treatment took about one hour per patient and both seemed quite comfortable the entire time. Marcus, who was getting his belly area treated, watched some videos on his iPad; and Sharleen, who was getting her thighs treated, dozed off during her treatment.

After her treatment, Sharleen shared her experience, "It was a great treatment! I did feel some slight discomfort at first, but after five minutes or so I was able to really relax. I'm really looking forward to seeing results."

Marcus also shared his immediate thoughts after treatment saying, "It was super easy, I just sat there hanging out, and I didn't really feel uncomfortable at all. It was cold, but it didn't bother me. I'm just hoping to see results now!"

The patented science behind Coolsculpting in Toronto, Canada works to freeze, and ultimately kill bad fat cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue and cells. The dead fat cells are then naturally removed from the body throughout the weeks after treatment. After about two months, Sharleen and Marcus were given another opportunity to share results.

Sharleen stated, "Since I've gotten the first treatment my confidence has totally been boosted! My pants are definitely looser around my thighs and I didn't even have to change my diet and exercise schedule! I've never been a fan of shorts but I want to wear them all the time now show off my legs!"

Marcus who was initially hesitant about the claims from Coolsculpting said, "It actually worked, I'm really surprised! At first I didn't see any difference but within the last two weeks, I can really tell it worked. I've already scheduled another treatment session and I can't stop telling my friends about Coolsculpting."

Both Marcus and Sharleen shared that they would get Coolsculpting again, and would definitely recommend it to friends and family. For more information on Toronto Medical Spa's fat-killing procedure, Coolsculpting, visit their website for your free consultation.

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