Purple Deck Media & Nutrient Control Systems Prepare Launch of Innovative Solutions for Farmers

Near Field Communication (NFC) Provides Rapid Access to Information and Enhances the Customer Experience


Two leading organizations, Nutrient Control Systems (NCS) and Purple Deck Media are forming a new partnership to offer innovative solutions for farmers. NCS specializes in agricultural waste management and nutrient control. The company began development of their system in the early 1990's and its pioneering research is revolutionizing manure management and nutrient control practices in dairy, swine, poultry and beef packing operations. They have very creative and innovative solutions for the environment and farmers! Click here to see their green bedding showcase video.

NCS was interested in partnering with an innovative company that could assist them in having their message of improved farm profitability, while being environmentally sustainable, and spread to a larger audience. Additionally, they wanted a way to reach the younger generations of farmers, who are not beginning to take over family farming operations.

Purple Deck Media helped NCS accomplish this goal. With their state-of-the-art mobile platform, MobileDeck™, they increased both recognition and awareness of NCS through a mobile application that is available for both iOS and Android. This along with other specialized content campaigns, which focus on mobile have ignited into something much bigger.

Purple Deck Media is an all-in-one solutions provider that specializes in a cloud based software that bridges the gap between the physical and the virtual world. With their mobile delivery system powered by a combination of mobile applications and near field communication (NFC), they help companies like NCS reach their goals.

Nutrient Control Systems is in the initial planning and pilot phases of using near field communication technology. This technology is revolutionary and connected to the TapLive™ management platform, Nutrient Control Systems can connect their physical items to the virtual world. NFC allows smart phone users to use a system that requires no application to launch content. Customers simply turn on near field communication (NFC) and tap the N-Mark symbol on the product. From there, customers can reorder, directly contact support, access training materials, and much more.

NFC allows for a more rapid and seamless approach to accessing information. Farmer's cannot afford to take time to research and find resources. With NFC, the information is as close as their smartphone. Using specialized tags that do not have interference with metal is crucial in this type of usage. Th industrial NTAG 213 asset tag is perfect for this project as it works on metal devices and can endure high heat and other environmental changes. Presently there is no company like Nutrient Control Systems in the USA implementing this solution, which shows that they are on the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of their customers.

"NCS's products are so innovative that they need an innovative solution to compliment the products and take them to the next level", said Nathan Neil, COO at Purple Deck Media.

Alyson Kemp, Marketing Coordinator at Nutrient Control Systems, stated that, "We are excited to begin the next phase of this growth with Purple Deck Media and look forward to showcasing our usage of NFC at our upcoming tradeshows."

Nutrient Control Systems will be showing off the technology at the 2016 North American Manure Expo on August 3rd and 4th in London, Ohio. They will also be at the World Dairy Expo, October 4-8, 2016.

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