Necktie Butler Tie Racks Now Sold on Amazon

Loading... is a site dedicated to selling The Original Necktie Butler tie rack. The tie racks can now be purchased on as well.

Portland Oregon (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

Necktie Butler tie racks, once only available through their main company website, can now be purchased on as well. See the product listings here.

Recently on the site's blog, they published a post entitled "Why You Need a Necktie Butler Tie Rack."

The post said, "If you are a professional then you recognize that organization is not a luxury, it is a necessity. You cannot function in chaos and succeed. Even if your desk does not appear organized to others, you are cognizant of what is there and what needs done."

"Why would your closet be any different? Why wouldn't you have the best tie rack available to add the final touch of orderliness to your morning routine?"

The product's creator says this is why most people purchase the Necktie Butler- because they've tried similar products, and found that they fail in comparison to the functionality of the Necktie Butler tie rack.

The site explains that customers don't need to install a built in rack in their closet or a revolving rack which is constantly in need of new batteries. It insists that customers just need an organized, mobile tie rack where they can quickly and easily view and select the right tie either in their closet or out by the window in the natural light. Since the Necktie Butler can be promptly removed from the closet when necessary, this need is easily met.

There are big differences between Necktie Butler and the $9.99 necktie racks found at big box stores or online, the post continues.

"The problem with most portable tie racks is that they are plastic pieces of junk from which the ties slide while you are walking across the room. These cheaply built, poorly designed contrivances aren't necessarily well-behaved while stationary. If knocked or bumped in the closet, they lean precariously to one side and the ties wrinkle with the weight of one another."

The Necktie Butler is built with quality products, the site explains, so the problems you find with cheaper tie racks are not a problem for Necktie Butler users. "The ties don't slip off because the Necktie Butler has a design unlike any other rack on the market. This design allows the tie rack to level itself out to keep the hanging rack from leaning to one side. The ties are separated by four spacers along the rack that keeps the weight of the ties separated."

The necktie racks are the same price both on the company's main site, and on They come in two different colors, The Natural Original, which is a lighter wood color, and The Walnut Dandy, which is a darker wood color. Up to 30 ties can be stored on the rack at one time.

Read testimonials from people who have purchased the tie racks here.

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