It's Not Just Groceries, Pets Costs Are Higher: How To Budget Amid Soaring Inflation

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  • There are a variety of ways for pet owners to cut costs during difficult economic times.
  • Rising inflation has impacted the cost of pet food and supplies as well as groceries and gas.

Amid soaring inflation and rising interest rates, the average American has been forced to cut costs on necessities from groceries to gas.

Prices haven’t only been increasing on what humans require. Many of America’s 90 million pet owners are struggling to provide for their furry companions amid a surge in pet food and product prices.

The harsh reality is some pet owners have had to make the choice of whether to feed their human families or pets and the result has caused overcrowding at some animal shelters.

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For those looking to cut the costs associated with owning a pet during these difficult economic times, the following ideas from Go Banking Rates may come in handy:

Make Your Own Pet Food And Pet Treats: Numerous recipes, including this one for ‘Doggie Meatloaf with Vegetables’ are available online. Pet owners can also bake their pets a variety of healthy treats.

Lower Costs Buy Buying In Bulk: Just like with human food, buying in bulk can be an effective way to lower costs as long as you have the space available for storage.

Shop For Supplies At Discount Stores: Pet supplies, such as beds, grooming tools and toys can be purchased for less at discount retailers such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx, part of TJX Companies Inc TJX.

Find The Lowest Cost For Pet Insurance: Rising inflation may have depleted the emergency funds pet owners had been saving for their pet’s vet bills, especially in the case of an emergency. Signing up for pet insurance can help spread the cost of vet bills over time while giving peace of mind to pet owners worried about being able to cover the costs of an unforeseen emergency.

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