What's Going On With SOS Limited Stock?

SOS Limited SOS shares are dropping Tuesday. The stock appears to be giving back gains after surging more than 100% at its intraday high on Monday.

What To Know:

Shares of SOS are falling on very heavy trading volume. According to Benzinga Pro, more than 1.58 million shares have been traded in the session, compared to the stock's 100-day average of only 385 thousand shares.

SOS has gained the attention of retail investors and is currently a top trending ticker on Yahoo! Finance.

SOS Limited, formerly China Rapid Finance Limited, is a holding company with four divisions that include commodity trading, insurance marketing, cryptocurrency mining and a call center service.

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SOS Price Action: According to Benzinga Pro, SOS Limited shares are down by 32% at $6.08 at the time of publication.

Image: 3844328 from Pixabay

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