Google Fi User Data May Have Been Compromised In T-Mobile Breach

Google Fi User Data May Have Been Compromised In T-Mobile Breach

Alphabet Inc.'s GOOG GOOGL Google Fi shared information with customers about their data being exposed. It appears that T-Mobile US Inc.'s TMUS latest data breach is the reason behind it

What Happened: Google Fi customers are being notified that its "primary network provider" witnessed some "suspicious activity" relating to a third-party system containing the customer data of this mobile virtual network operator.

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The notification , however, specified that customer's name, date of birth, email address, payment card information, social security number or tax ID, driver's license or other forms of government identification cards, financial information, passwords or PINs — that users may have used for Google Fi and content of SMS messages or calls — were not in the harm's way. 

Threat actors may have gained access to users’ phone numbers, information about when an account was activated, SIM card serial number, account status, and perhaps limited details about mobile service plans.

Given the timing and phrasing — Google Fi's "primary network provider — it appears the incident was related to the T-Mobile data breach reported on Jan. 19, reported 9To5Google. 

Why It's Important: Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced that threat actors used its API to obtain "basic customer information," including date of birth, account number, email and billing address. The hacking affected approximately 37 million T-Mobile customers in the U.S

This wasn't the first data breach that impacted millions of customers. In 2021, T-Mobile investigated a massive data breach incident that affected up to 100 million customers.  

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