Adobe Denies Exploiting User Images And Videos For AI Training

Adobe Denies Exploiting User Images And Videos For AI Training
  • Adobe Inc ADBE Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky addressed user criticism by saying the company has never trained its generative artificial intelligence services on customer projects.
  • Belsky said they had never used anything in their storage to train a generative AI model in a Bloomberg interview
  • In early January, some interpreted Adobe using customer images or videos to train multimedia generation AI models, citing a screenshot of Adobe's terms of service on social media.
  • Belsky said the decade-old policy is in place to allow products to be analyzed to improve features, not for image generation. 
  • The report quoted Belsky saying, "If we ever allow people to opt in for generative AI specifically, we need to call it out and explain how we're using it."
  • In the dynamic AI imagery space, Adobe hopes to differentiate its generative tools by integrating them into existing creative software.
  • The report further added that the maker of Photoshop and Illustrator highlighted many new AI-powered tools at an October user conference.
  • Microsoft Corporation MSFT reportedly negotiated a $10 billion investment in large language chatbot ChatGPT parent OpenAI.
  • Microsoft granted more customers access to the software behind popular AI tools made by OpenAI.
  • OpenAI grabbed eyeballs courtesy of ChatGPT, adept at answering questions and writing essays and poems, and image generator Dall-E 2, which turns language prompts into novel images.
  • The Azure OpenAI Service will allow any business to apply for access generating the potential for more AI-infused products.
  • Price Action: ADBE shares closed at $344.38 on Tuesday.

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