Sony Roots For Metaverse Pie With Latest Offering

Sony Roots For Metaverse Pie With Latest Offering
  • Sony Group Corp SONY launched wearable motion trackers to bring users into the metaverse on their phones.
  • The new Mocopi system consists of six pucks worn around the user’s wrists, ankles, head, and hips, used to animate avatars inside various metaverse apps on Sony Android phones or Apple Inc AAPL iPhones, Bloomberg reports.
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  • Priced at 49,500 yen ($360) and launching in Japan in January, the Mocopi kit adds to the company’s virtual and augmented reality ventures.
  • Sony has made a big push to expand its gaming empire beyond its traditional strength of console games with more peripherals for PC and mobile gaming
  • Sony also has the PlayStation VR headset and a successor in the offing, designed to develop an ecosystem of VR experiences along the lines envisioned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms Inc META.
  • Price Action: SONY shares closed lower by 0.86% at $82.18 on Monday.

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