Tesla Accounted For 70% Of 400 Self-Driving Car Crashes Since Last June: Report

Tesla Inc TSLA electric vehicles accounted for nearly 70% of reported crashes involving advanced driver-assist systems since last June, CNBC reported on Wednesday, citing federal data.

What Happened: According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, Tesla cars were involved in 273 accidents involving its advanced driver-assist system since companies were required to start reporting the incidents about a year ago. 

There were 392 crashes involving 11 automakers and one supplier from June 2021 through May 15, the report said.

NHTSA warned the data is incomplete and does not indicate which carmaker’s systems might be safest.

Tesla Vs Others: NHTSA data ranks Honda Motor Co HMC second in the list with 90 reported incidents, followed by Subaru at 10 and Ford Motor Co F at five.

All other automakers reported four or fewer accidents, including Toyota Motor Corp TM at four, BMW at three, and General Motors Co GM at two.

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Automation Levels: There are five levels of automation under standards created by SAE International. A Level 4 system implies the vehicle can handle all aspects of driving without human intervention. Tesla is currently at Level 2.

Tesla markets its self-driving system as Autopilot, a Level-2 advanced driver-assist system meant to help attentive drivers but not replace them. 

The report, citing The Associated Press, said Tesla has about 830,000 cars on the road with such a system. CEO Elon Musk said that an updated full-self-driving Beta software will be rolled out to 100,000 cars this month. 

Price Action: Tesla shares closed 5.4% higher at $699 on Wednesday, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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