Apple Is Reinventing CarPlay: Here's How It Will Change Drivers' Experience

Apple Inc AAPL revealed on Monday it is making key changes to its CarPlay software that will significantly lift its capabilities, including accessing real-time vehicle-related features such as temperature control, speed, fuel level, and more.

What Happened: The tech giant said it is reinventing the CarPlay offering and is in talks with at least 14 automakers, including Ford Motor Co F and Honda Motor Co HMC for the in-car integration.

The list did not name Tesla Inc TSLA, as it has shown reluctance to adopt Apple technology for its electric vehicles in the past.

“We've been working with automakers to reinvent the in-car experience across all of the driver's's the very best of both your car and your iPhone. It goes beyond what you can do with CarPlay today,” said Emily Schubert, Engineering Manager - Car Experience, Apple, at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

“To do this, your iPhone communicates with your vehicle's real-time systems in an on-device, privacy-friendly way, showing all of your driving information like speed, RPMs, fuel level, temperature, and more.”  

Schubert said vehicles will start to announce the new CarPlay late next year.

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Why It Matters: Apple is getting deeper into car technology and data as it gets involved with many traditional features that have been beyond third-party applications and developers. 

The tech giant, which has been rumored for years to be building its own electric car, said over 98% of cars in the U.S. have Apple CarPlay and that 79% of buyers only consider a car that works with the feature.

Price Action: Apple shares closed 0.5% higher at $146.1 on Monday, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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