Run The Spell Czech! It's The 10 Weirdest Spelling Errors Of All Time

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  • Fast-food chains, schools and Sesame Street gets hit with typo-oh-nos.
  • Well, nobody's poifect!
Run The Spell Czech! It's The 10 Weirdest Spelling Errors Of All Time

Hey Googe, Don't Let Me Down: Where does one go to look up the weirdest spelling error? Hint: try Alphabet's GOOG GOOGL search engine, as per a classic boo-boo  on Valentine's Day in 2007:

A Cereal Killer: The gang at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts' WH Days Inn chain believes in paying tribute to those who help start the day with the right nutritional fuel:

Toilet Humor: The poor folks at McDonald's MCD could crash the internet with the surplus quantity of typographical errors on their franchise signs, and this one is arguably among the most embarrassing of the bunch:

Nothing Personnel: And then there is Restaurant Brands International's QSR Burger King, the fast-food chain whose chief human resources officer lives in a pineapple under the sea:

Not Plant-Based: Of course, the folks at Wendy's WEN are no slackers in the typo department - either that, or they are selling hamburgers made of Soylent Green.

School's Out Forever: Missing a spelling error on a page or a computer screen is not unusual, but missing it on a billboard is quite a feat. Either that or these folks are trying to irritate the Libs of TikTok crowd:

Foul Balls: The headline writer for this article that appeared in the East Oregonian daily newspaper meant to say "Ambidextrous." Had he been amphibious, one might have expected him to put on a top hat and start singing "Hello, My Baby!" while doing a high-stepping dance.

Down For The Count: It appears the copywriter for this promotional piece had mistaken Sesame Street's resident vampire for one of the stars of the Real Housewives franchise:

Under The Sea: Was the chyron writer for this Portland, Oregon-based news station trying to tell us that the aquatic Mr. Howard studied humility with Kathleen Battle?

Is Nothing Sacred?: And it appears that not even the holy texts are immune from spelling error, as witnessed in Ohio's Portsmouth Daily Times' retelling of the Nativity scene when the infant Jesus was visited by the Three Kings: Melchior, Balthazar and Tiger.

Photos courtesy of BMediaGroup,, Alastair Cover, Joshua Clancy Hall, Mascola,, Amy Shropshire and ViralNova.

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