Apple Employees' Movement Publishes Stories Of Facing Harassment, Discrimination At Tech Giant

A group of Apple Inc AAPL employees that labels itself as '#AppleToo' has published what it claims are stories of harassment and discrimination in a digest form.

What Happened: #AppleToo organizer Cher Scarlett published the stories on Medium, first noted on Apple Insider.

“I have selected the stories based on the common threads to prove a systemic issue that needs to be addressed,” wrote Scarlett. The organizer said she would share five stories at a time as “the emotional toll in reading these is heavy.”

The personal anecdotes spanned racism, sexual harassment, discrimination, and alleged abuse of power.

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Why It Matters: AppleToo was formed earlier in the month to press for “accountability and redress to the persistent injustices.”

As per the movement’s website, employees at Apple face a “pattern of isolation, degradation, and gaslighting.”

Scarlett said in the Medium post that she had funneled 300 former and current employees of Activision Blizzard, Inc ATVI who had seen or experienced harassment and discrimination to external authorities. 

Last month, employees at Activision carried out a walkout in protest of the company’s response to a lawsuit charging it with creating a hostile workplace.

Price Action: On Monday, Apple shares closed nearly 3% higher in the regular session to $153.12 and fell almost 0.1% in the after-hours trading.

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