GameStop Bull Roaring Kitty Roars Again On Twitter As Stonks Soar, Led by AMC

GameStop Corporation GME bull Roaring Kitty went on a meme posting spree on Twitter on Tuesday as so-called stonks soared led by AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc AMC.

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What Happened: Roaring Kitty, whose real name is Keith Patrick Gill, tweeted a number of memes over the course of Tuesday as WallStreetBets' favorite stocks soared.

Gill had been quiet on Twitter since his last tweet on Apr. 17. His comeback is reminiscent of the tweeting style of Chewy Inc CHWY founder Ryan Cohen.

Why It Matters: Stonks soared on Tuesday, with AMC ending the regular session 22.76% higher at $32.04 and rising another 17.6% in the after-hours session to $37.68.

GameStop, a company whose stock Roaring Kitty "likes," appreciated 12.17% on Tuesday to end the regular session at $249.02. In the after-hours session, the game retailer rose 2.8% to $256.

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BlackBerry Ltd BB shot up 14.8% to $11.56% on the same day, and another 13.67% to $13.14 in after-hours trading. 

AMC, Blackberry, and GameStop were the most discussed stocks on WallStreetBets over 24-hours attracting 3022, 2777, and 927 mentions respectively as of press time, as per Quiver Quantitative data.

In May, AMC returned 160.42%, making it the second most profitable investment for the month among the assets seeing high interest from retail investors, but a meme-themed cryptocurrency, SHIBA INU (SHIB) was the top gainer at 433.27%.

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