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Selling Real Estate Online: Reaching A Younger Generation Of Buyers

Selling Real Estate Online: Reaching A Younger Generation Of Buyers

Millennials are buying homes. In fact, Millennials are the largest group looking to buy homes as they currently make up 38% of the home buying market.

This group of adults, born between 1981 and 1996, are buying their first homes and investing in the real estate market. And as a seller, it may be helpful to try and reach this younger demographic.

Searching Online

According to the NAR 2020 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, 98% of Millenials used the internet in their search to find a home.

And as younger generations continue to turn towards online resources as a way to invest in their future, online tools are helping to make the investing process easier.

Roofstock is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers directly to invest in single-family rental properties. The platform takes no upfront costs and handles everything from inspections to listing the property, all the way until the property is sold.

Roofstock markets include California, Texas, Tennesse, Illinois, and many others. And areas like California and Texas are proving popular among Millennials.

Millennials, by and large, are living in big metropolitan areas. This migration to larger cities is due mostly in part to the abundant job opportunities and career advancements in these areas. And when looking for places to live, convenience to their job and commuting costs topped the list. A 2018 study from MagnifyMoney revealed San Francisco to be the most popular workplace among millennial workers followed by Denver, Colorado, and Austin, Texas.


Selling on marketplaces like Roofstock can also help reach younger generations through its ease of use. The platform requires you to provide information such as the obvious list price, monthly rent and square footage, but their listings also include information such as the year the property was built, neighborhood rating, total return, cap rate, cash flow and possible appreciation. This information helps young investors understand the opportunity available and having the ability to complete the process entirely online has its own appeal.

Nonaccredited investors can buy properties with no minimum purchase price through Roofstock. The company will even set you up with a lender if needed. This makes the company ideal for millennials and younger investors who want to start investing in rental properties but aren’t an accredited investor yet.
To list your rental property on Roofstock, click here.

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