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8 Perfect Board Games To Play During a Second Wave Coronavirus Quarantine

8 Perfect Board Games To Play During a Second Wave Coronavirus Quarantine

Many people are chomping at the bit to get out of the house and finally end the quarantine phase of the world's coronavirus response. With the urge strengthening by the day, many families have been looking for fun and creative ways to spend time together.

Thus, don't be surprised to find out that these eight board games were put to use much more than usual during these unprecedented times.

  • Connect Four

    With almost 10,000 reviews on Amazon and a near-perfect 4.8-star review, Connect Four is a family favorite.

    Connect Four only takes two players. It's the perfect balance of simplicity and skill. Being one of the most reviewed games on Amazon, this cheap and fun game is perfect for anyone that wants to pick up a game and instantly play, set up time is short and the game can be played over and over again. It’s perfect for all ages and offers a clear objective.

  • Monopoly

    Hasbro's (NASDAQ: HAS) Monopoly Is one of the most popular games worldwide. With its hours of entertainment and its elements of strategy and luck, Monopoly is a fan favorite.

    Created in 1934, this game has had dozens of different versions produced. Playing any game of Monopoly is sure to bring back nostalgia while teaching the important educational lessons of business and simple finances.

  • Scrabble

    Scrabble has faded in and out of popularity, but has managed to stick around. With schools being closed, this is the perfect game for students to practice their spelling skills in a fun way.

    Many millennials enjoyed Scrabble when it was rebranded as Words with Friends. From 2010 to 2011, Words with Friends was one of the top-ranking games in the iOS app store.

  • Clue

    Clue is one of the most exciting board games. This game is perfect for older kids and adults to have an immersive thrilling experience.

    Families around the world are coming back once again to this game as it offers hours of fun and only takes minutes to learn and set up. Clue is the perfect strategy game for older kids and adults to enjoy.

  • Jenga

    Jenga is the perfect mix of strategy, hand-eye coordination and skill. Being one of the most simple and easy to play games, Jenga has been a natural go-to during the quarantine. The simplicity of the rules and game make it easy for anyone six and up to start playing.

    Seeing sales take-off of over 50 million worldwide since the early 1980s, it's no wonder Jenga is popular once again. The classic wooden blocks make it a game of nostalgia that anyone can pick up and play.

  • Battleship

    Battleship is one of the most exciting and popular board games. Since 1967, this game has been the perfect game of luck and strategy. This two-player game is perfect for any family stuck at home during the pandemic.

    With Battleship’s exciting fast pace play, it comes to no surprise this game has stayed around for decades. The game teaches patience and reasoning skills while offering fun to the whole family.

  • Catan

    Catan has seen a strong trend over the years after the first edition was published 25 years ago.

    The game’s focus is to construct a civilization. Players trade and barter for resources to build roads and houses. The set up for the game is up to the players. This means every game plays differently.

    This game is a more complex strategy game that teens and adults can enjoy. Catan promises hours of fun for 3-4 players. As the game spreads in popularity, its sales have also experienced a strong correlating trend.

  • Sorry!

    Sorry! is a fast-paced board game that's easy to play. It only takes five minutes to set up for instant fun.

    Players try and get all their pieces around the board while knocking off their opponents. This ninety-year-old game is a classic that the whole family can enjoy.


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