Justice Department And State AGs To Share Information In Google Antitrust Probe

Justice Department And State AGs To Share Information In Google Antitrust Probe

The United States Department of Justice attorneys are meeting state attorney generals next week to share information in their probe against Alphabet Inc. GOOGL GOOG subsidiary Google, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

What Happened

The Justice Department started laying the groundwork for the antitrust probe against the search engine giant in June last year.

The state attorney generals launched their own probes against Google and social media behemoth Facebook Inc. FB in September, the Journal reported at the time. The Google probe is led by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, a Republican.

The meeting next week, which will see at least seven state attorney generals participating, could expand into regular cooperation, and the two groups could ultimately join forces, people familiar with the matter told the Journal.

Partisan political troubles could arise between the Democratic and Republican lawyers, the Journal noted, possibly hurting this anticipated collaboration, which is likely to spell greater trouble for Google.

The authorities are probing whether Google misuses its internet dominance to snub rivals in competing services. The company's advertising, search, and mobile operating system businesses are under investigation.

Other tech giants, including Amazon.com Inc. AMZN Apple Inc. AAPL are also facing Justice Department and House Judiciary Committee investigations for alleged antitrust practices.

Price Action

Alphabet Class A shares closed 1.25% lower at $1,466.17 on Friday.

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