He Said He'd Be Back: New 'Terminator,' 'Frozen 2' Lead List Of Big Movies Coming In November

He's back.

November starts with the return of the "Terminator" franchise to big screens, reuniting cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger (the human flesh over his robotic skeleton now much older) with Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor.

Also hitting screens this month will be the return of one of the biggest animated stories of recent years as "Frozen 2" hits theaters a week before Thanksgiving.

They're just two of several films getting lots of attention before opening this month in U.S. theaters.

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The Blockbuster

“Terminator: Dark Fate” opens Nov. 1

Schwarzenegger returns as the T-800 Terminator and Hamilton’s Sarah Connor is back as they reunite after nearly 30 years in the newest Terminator movie, the sixth in the franchise.

The film is distributed by Viacom Inc. VIAB’s Paramount Pictures in the U.S. and by Walt Disney Co's DIS 20th Century Fox elsewhere.

In reviews, Hamilton is getting much of the attention as she returns to the starring role in the series for the first time since 1991’s “Terminator 2: Judgement Day.” This version also brings back franchise creator James Cameron as co-writer and producer, his first direct involvement since T2. Dark Fate is directed by "Deadpool" director Tim Miller.

Other Big Films Coming Out

'Frozen 2' opens Nov. 22

Walt Disney Pictures

Analysts have projected the animated sequel to the top-grossing original "Frozen" could open with a November record $100 million at the box office after the film's teaser trailer back in the spring got the most views ever for an animated film.

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee return, bringing Anna and Elsa back to the screen, along with Olaf, Svenn and Kristoff for a followup story in Arendelle. Idina Menzell, who voiced Elsa in the original Oscar-winning movie and sang the Oscar and Grammy winning song "Let it Go" in the original returns to play Elsa again.

The original "Frozen" was the second highest grossing animated film of all time at $1.29 billion, but often is cited as the highest grossing "purely animated" film of all time because the top grossing film, this year's "The Lion King" is actually a CGI remake of the original animated film.

'Ford V Ferrari' opens Nov. 15

Disney’s 20th Century Fox

One of the month’s Hollywood “star” movies, the film brings Matt Damon and Christian Bale to the screen on Nov. 14 for the story of friends who worked with Ford Motor Co. F to beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 in what manages to be a car movie, a buddy movie, and a period film.

'Harriet' opens Nov. 1

Comcast Corporation CMCSA’s Universal Pictures' Focus Features

This is the serious "you should see it" movie of November, a biopic about slave-turned-abolition movement heroine Harriet Tubman that's been in the works for years.

The movie stars Cynthia Erivo as Tubman and also has Leslie Odom Jr. in the cast. Unfortunately, the film opens the same weekend as the return of the "Terminator" franchise, so it's likely to be overshadowed.

'Motherless Brooklyn' opens Nov. 1

AT&T T'S Warner Bros. Entertainment

Another period piece in a month of on-screen history, this one is a neo-noir crime picture written and directed by Edward Norton, who also stars in the film along with Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Willem Dafoe. Norton plays a private detective with Tourette syndrome in 1957 New York.

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'Midway' open Nov. 8

Centropolis Film Productions; Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. LGF

More history. This $100 million, independently-produced World War II epic follows Navy sailors and pilots from Pearl Harbor through the bombing of Tokyo and on to the Battle of Midway that turned the tide of the war in the Pacific.

The movie is directed by Roland Emmerich, known for some big blockbuster special-effects heavy films like "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Midway" is no different, heavy on the action and the loud parts of war. The film's ensemble cast includes Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers), Dennis Quaid as Admiral Bull Halsey and Woody Harrelson as Admiral Chester Nimitz.

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