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5 Insane Technologies You Won't Believe People Are Developing

5 Insane Technologies You Won't Believe People Are Developing
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Companies and inventors are always trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology, ready to create the next big thing.

But holograms and self-healing materials are things of the far-off future, right? Not necessarily. Here are some interesting technologies you had no idea people are working on now.

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  • Hyperloop


    Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk thinks the future of public transportation rests in his hyperloop, a complex, underground system that is somewhat reminiscent of old pneumatic tubes used to send letters through buildings or deposit checks at the bank drive thru.

    The idea is to put people in small aluminum pods that would travel through underground steel tubes at 800 mph. That’s right -- ten times the legal driving speed limit anywhere in the United States.

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  • River Vacuum

    River Vacuum

    Founder and chief engineer of Dyson Ltd. Timothy Dyson wants to combat non-biodegradable pollution in rivers by sucking it out with a river vaccum. The M.V. Recyclone, as he calls it, would filter plastic debris from waterways before it gets ingested by birds or marine life.

    The recycling barge would have a large net facing upstream that would skim the water’s surface for floating debris, shred it on board and then separate the plastic by grade.

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  • Self-Healing Polymer

    Self-Healing Polymer

    Paint scratches on your car are are an everyday nuisance that everyone hates. But what if the paint could repair itself? That’s what German scientists are trying to create at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

    They’ve developed a self-healing polymer that mends by itself fully in just a few short minutes when heated at low temperatures.

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  • Invisible Mouse

    Invisible Mouse

    The computer mouse has seen a number of transformations over the years, and this could be the next. The invisible mouse maintains the familiar interface of a traditional mouse, but eliminates the need to tote around an extra accessory.

    Mouseless uses both an infrared laser beam and an infrared camera to track your hand movements. The user cups their hand, as if putting it on an actual mouse, and moves around to move the cursor. A tap of the index finger will click the nonexistent mouse.

    You can watch a video about the mouse here.

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  • Interactive Holograms

    Interactive Holograms

    Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is currently developing a hologram-like 360 degree viewable display called Vermeer. From a tabletop, it provides a 3D display without the need for glasses or other devices.

    A video demonstration shows developers interacting with the image by touching it. No word on what the company’s future plans for it are yet.

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