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Eric Cantor Tells Irene's Victims to Go Somewhere and Die


The corpses from the deadly Hurricane Irene not even in the ground yet, and Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is already playing politics with the relief money.

The Virginia Republican, who is quickly becoming the most obnoxious Republican in Congress, does not want to pay out any emergency disaster relief funds unless the government first makes cuts in other programs...again.

“Eric Cantor and other members of Congress said they would only approve disaster relief assistance if they could force through more spending cuts in Washington,” said Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine.

“This is the same kind of inappropriate negotiating tactics that nearly caused America to default on its financial obligations earlier this month.”

Once again, the Republicans have decided to take hostages and act like economic terrorists to get their agenda passed. They know they cannot get spending cuts passed under normal means, so they grasp on to actual emergency conditions and try to make government's assistance conditional on their asinine agenda. It's wrong, it's sick, it's disgusting and it needs to stop.

I understand that Eric Cantor really wants to be liked by the Tea Party psychopaths who want to see this country burn and then bitch about paying the bill presented by the privatized, for-profit firemen company, but this is America. And in America, we just suck it up and pay for things like disaster relief.

But, no. Cantor has his jihad going and he'll be damned if he's going to let a disaster go by without holding Americans hostage. If Republicans were serious about their alleged love of country, they'd remove him from office as quickly as humanly possible. But they won't, of course, because Republicans have completely lost their damn mind.

Here's an idea, Eric. If you want to offset spending on disaster relief, how about we exchange it for some increased taxes on billionaires? How about we institute a per-transaction micro-tax on Wall Street to chase off speculators? How about we cut your pay, your benefits, your pension, and your health care? How about we take your family off the government teat for a few years and instead take care of the truly needy?

But of course not. Sacrifice is for little people, and not for the Eric Cantor's of the world. He's a Very Important Man who wears power ties and dines with lobbyists and trades the limited power of his office for whatever magic beans the corporate world will throw his way.

What's truly sick about all this is Cantor's district is in the path of the storm. The people who voted for this disgusting human being are some of the ones he refuses to help. His voters are the ones whose heads Cantor is holding a gun to, demanding budget cuts or else.

For that, Eric Cantor is a colossal douche — and with a little work, he can upgrade himself to massive, mega-douche. Perhaps one day he can even be a Vice Presidential candidate for the suddenly, shockingly obscene remnants of what used to be an honorable Republican Party.

You can reach the author by email or on twitter @johndthorpe.

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