Can This Company's Tech Help Businesses Reduce Insurance Premiums From Alcohol-Related Injuries?

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Employees who report to work with alcohol in their systems can sometimes present a danger to themselves, their colleagues, and their employer.

Research has shown that alcohol and illicit drugs affect sight, speech, coordination, reaction speed, and general performance, which can endanger the safety of many people if working with machinery or driving a vehicle.

Excessive alcohol use contributes to the deaths of more than 95,000 people in the United States each year. Alcohol-related injuries, deaths and lost productivity cost American employers and insurers $63 billion annually.

To reduce deaths and financial implications, companies have introduced random testing for alcohol and drugs in the workplace to minimize accidents and health risks.

As much as employers try to honor their obligation by ensuring their workplaces are safe, accidents happen. When accidents occur, workers’ compensation insurance assures that injured workers get medical care and compensation, which usually protects employers from lawsuits. However, one claim for a serious employee injury could bankrupt many small businesses.

Businesses are turning to innovation from companies like Honeywell International Inc. HONDrägerwerk AG & Co. DRWSOBRsafe SOBR, and Abbott Laboratories ABT, which are advancing research and development in the alcohol and drug testing space.

SOBRsafe, for example, has been working on innovative solutions for alcohol policy management to help reduce the high cost of insurance premiums hanging like an albatross around the neck of businesses.

The company is looking to create alcohol-free environments to increase productivity and save lives. SOBRsafe says it is helping eradicate alcohol-related accidents through preventive detection, with the aim to create a safer world.

The company has launched its first product — the patent-pending, proprietary SOBRcheck™ device, a non-invasive, touch-based identity verification and alcohol detection solution.

SOBRcheck™ Features

SOBRcheck™ is meant to give employers control over the workforce and public safety, while eliminating a significant drag on the bottom line. The device’s features include:

  • Transdermal sensor: Alcohol detection with efficient workflow, non-invasive “go/no go” functionality provides results in seconds.
  • Biometric identification: Alcohol scan results are tied to a privacy-compliant ID, preventing circumvention and enhancing security.
  • Real-time management: Wireless delivery of enterprise-wide data to a central dashboard enables immediate appropriate action.
  • Predictive analytics: Actionable data collection empowers reduced-risk modeling, potentially lowering insurance costs.
  • Preventative solution: SOBRsafe gets ahead of the risk, helping to eliminate alcohol on the shop floor or behind the wheel.


SOBRcheck can help verify workforce safety, providing immediate peace of mind with just the touch of a finger. The solution works across a range of safety management uses, including advanced spot testing, high-risk functions, and uniform daily screening. Using SOBRcheck also has the potential to help businesses cut insurance costs. 

Significant Customer

SOBRsafe has signed a software as a service (SaaS) agreement with Continental Services. As Michigan’s largest food management company, Continental has over 1,800 employees across 6 locations (including locations in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania), and its last mile fleet serves more than 700 corporate customers.

Continental previously hosted a pilot test of SOBRsafe’s touch-based alcohol screening technology; the test validated the employee enrollment process, daily ease-of-use and its cloud-based reporting, and Continental gathered anonymized data as a foundation for business trend analysis.

As stated Continental CEO Matt Hubbard, "SOBRsafe provides us a means to recognize our team's outstanding efforts. It is an innovative solution to proactively manage our existing alcohol policy, while complementing our existing safe operations. SOBRsafe supports our mission to provide a safe environment and community, and to encourage healthy living practices. Additionally, through this process we have realized material savings on our insurance premiums while guarding against future liabilities."

Read more about how SOBRsafe’s technology could help businesses achieve safer workplaces, and potentially reduce insurance premiums, at, or inquire at

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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