Cyber Attackers Continue To Play Whack-A-Mole, But Defense Is Getting Better — Is Visium An Example For Partnerships In The Cybersecurity World?

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No single company knows everything nor is there a company that can thrive in solitude. Some analysts and companies are now saying that protecting user data and digital infrastructure is a shared responsibility of different firms in the cybersecurity space.

Visium Technologies Inc. VISM, a provider of real-time cybersecurity visualization and analytics, is one example of a company calling for more collaboration and says it works with a number of partners to promote cybersecurity at all levels. The company claims it uses advanced technology and automation to help enterprises protect their most valuable asset — data.

Visium’s Partners

Visium has collaborated with the data analysis platform Datadog Inc. DDOG, to have its TruContextTM applications integrated into Datadog’s visibility platform. Datadog provides monitoring services for cloud-scale applications, and the partnership deal enhances the  Datadog platform’s data analytics and visualization features that focus on cybersecurity threat detection.

Another Visiumpartner is The MITRE Corp., a non-profit company that runs all of the federally funded research and development centers around the country for the US government. MITRE developed the cybersecurity technology utilized by  US Army Cyber Command and is responsible for developing the U.S. Army’s cybersecurity defense. According to Visium, its partnership is dedicated to solving problems for a safer world by tackling challenges to national security. Visium’s proprietary TruContext platform, which has been further developed by Visium, is powered by MITRE’s underlying CyGraph technology. 

Visium has also partnered with Tenable Holdings Inc. TENB to enable organizations to identify risks associated with cybersecurity and how to prevent them. Integration of Visium with Tenable enables context-based threat awareness through  TruContext.

This technology platform reportedly helps security analysts quickly detect threats, their root causes and how to stop them in real-time. Users can leverage Tenable by combining TruContext with vulnerability information from Tenable to better observe the relationship between nodes and applications for proper risk monitoring and prevention.

TruContext was developed to provide cybersecurity assessments to improve systems' reliability and efficiency by finding the signal in the noise. Visium partnered with Splunk Technology SPLK to have TruContext integrated with Splunk, thereby optimizing the use of Splunk data by providing context to the information.

The integration enables clients to appreciate context-based threat awareness benefits provided by TruContext. This can help cyber analysts understand threats, their underlying causes and mitigation steps in real-time.

In December, Visium announced its partnership agreement with Carahsoft Technology Corp. to bring data analytics and visualization to public sector organizations, including healthcare, education, federal, and local government agencies. Carahsoft is cited as a trusted government information technology solutions provider, and Visium says it plans to leverage Carahsoft’s experience and reputation to expand Visium’s footprint in the public sector.

Visium’s other corporate partners and collaborations include Nutanix Inc. NTNX, MicroTech, Logicworks and Amazon Web Services Inc. by Inc. AMZN.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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