10 Clean Energy Stocks Under $10

10 Clean Energy Stocks Under $10

Clean energy stocks have been some of the hottest stocks in the market in recent years. A younger generation of investors has prioritized clean energy as both a key political issue and a potential lucrative long-term investment theme.

At this point, there are few clean energy stocks that still trade under $10 per share. But for investors looking for clean energy stocks to buy on the cheap, there are still a handful of options out there.

Unfortunately, stocks that trade under $10 are typically extremely high-risk names. Many of these stocks also trade on the OTC market rather than a major exchange, meaning their financial disclosures and transparency may not be as thorough or reliable.

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Dirt-Cheap Clean Energy Stocks

For investors looking for clean energy stocks under $10, the following list of 10 stocks may be a good place to start your due diligence.

Companhia de Saneamento Bsc DEDSP SBS
Companhia de Saneamento Bsc DEDSP is a Brazilian company that provides water and sewage services. Water management and conservation will be an extremely important issue for the environment in the long-term, and this $7.19 stock could play a large role in one of the largest emerging market economies in the world.

Spi Energy Co Ltd SPI
SPI Energy provides photovoltaic (PV) solutions for commercial, residential, government and utility customers. Solar stocks under $10 are few and far between, and Spi generated $97.8 million in revenue in 2020.

First National Energy Corporation FNEC
First National Energy Corporation is a development-stage company focused on wind-driven power generation solutions. The stock is extremely cheap priced at around $1.69, but it’s not very liquid so investors should understand the risks of buying shares.

Quantum Materials Corp QTMM
Quantum Materials designs, develops and produces nanomaterials that can be used for a wide variety of applications, including in photovoltaics and battery technology. The stock is a true penny stock, trading at under 10 cents per share.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp SIRC
Solar Integrated Roofing is a California company that provides solar panel and roofing installations for commercial and residential customers. The stock is up more than 4,000% in the past year but still trades at just $1.12.

Tellurian Inc TELL
Tellurian is a liquified natural gas (LNG) company headquartered in Texas. While LNG isn’t exactly clean, many investors see LNG as a potentially cheaper, cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels that can help bridge the gap to a green future.

Ocean Power Technologies Inc OPTT
Ocean Power Technologies is developing specialized buoys that are aimed at generating clean electricity by capturing the power of ocean waves. The stock is up 736% in the past year but still trades at just $3.89.

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. ASTI
Ascent Solar Technologies produces and sells PV modules used in thin-film technology. The stock has ripped higher by 22,750% in the past year, but investors should understand that it’s still an extremely risky bet priced at under 5 cents per share.

Kontrol Technologies Corp KNRLF
Kontrol Technologies is a Canadian company focused on energy efficiency technology. The company generated $2.4 million in revenue in the most recent quarter, and the stock trades at just $2.46.

Tantech Holdings Ltd TANH
Tantech is a Chinese company that engages in a wide variety of businesses, including biofuel energy, electric vehicle manufacturing and power batteries. The company generated $11.4 million in revenue last quarter, and the stock trades at just $1.66.

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