EXCLUSIVE: Game Where You Can Earn Dogecoin By Catching 'Dogemons' Coming Soon On iOS, Android Devices

Dogecoin DOGE/USD fans can now catch the cryptocurrency as prey along with virtual creatures called “Dogemons”

Go Dogemon Go: An augmented reality or AR game called “Dogemon Go" lets players catch virtual characters called Dogemons and if they are particularly skilled they can “earn doge,” a spokesperson told Benzinga.

Dogemon Go is targeted at the cryptocurrency community but also counts as its audience anyone who likes to play such games.

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Rocketballs Galore: The game whose name evokes memories of Nintendo Co Ltd’s NTDOY Pokemon Go uses the same technology that the former uses, which as per the Dogemon Go spokesperson freely available on the market.

The free-to-play game gives its users 50 “rocketballs” in order to pursue the virtual creatures.

On The Launchpad: On Friday, Dogemon Go tweeted that its iOS app was available for beta testing.


The Dogemon Go spokesperson told Benzinga the game will be available on Apple Inc's AAPL iOS platform within the next one to four days and Alphabet Inc’s GOOGL GOOG Android platform with seven to 12 days.

The delay in availability on Android was attributed to Dogemon Go needing "to change the AR module (new rules since 01st of august).”

Monetizing Dogemon: Dogemon Go invites advertisers on its website. The spokesperson told Benzinga that brands can be added as Dogemon and collaboration was possible on special events. 

Android Package Kit or APK files of the game have been downloaded 11,353 times from Dogemon Go’s website. Currently, that is the only possible way to get the game since it is not available on respective app stores.

The spokesperson shared geographical data with Benzinga on where the game had been well received and Indonesia topped the list followed by the Philippines and Turkey. India, Brazil, and the United States were other countries that figured in the data.

Last week, Cathie Wood-led Ark Invest analyst Nick Grous noted that 40% of Axie Infinity’s AXS/USD 350,000 daily active users live in the Philippines. That blockchain-based game has crossed $1 billion in sales.

AXS has soared a whopping 7,047.34% gain since the year began, outpacing the 4,140.12% gains of DOGE. but this begs the question, if DOGE could be gamified, is the moon the limit? Dogemon Go claims on its website “Mars is the Target!”

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