IDO Watch List - Top Upcoming Token Crowdsales in 2021

IDO Watch List - Top Upcoming Token Crowdsales in 2021

In 2020, one of the most popular terms in the crypto world was IDO, which stands for Initial DEX Offering. The new fundraising model reflected a tectonic shift in crowdsale trends to offer better liquidity for crypto assets and faster, more open fair trading.

Token public sales have evolved over the last four years. The IDO model itself is the successor of crypto fundraising methods such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Security Token Offerings (STOs) and then the Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs).

Before we learn about promising IDOs to watch, let’s brush up on our knowledge of fundraising via token sales.

An IDO is when a project launches a token through a decentralized liquidity exchange, which administers the fundraising event on behalf of its operatives. In contrast to initial coin offerings (ICOs), where the project team themselves collect the pool assets, an IDO model means that the fundraising will be conducted on an exchange’s launchpad platform.

This model allows crypto startups to raise money through built-in liquidity pools without depending on intermediaries. It also enables community members to benefit from immediate token trading, as well as save on lower costs for listing.

Participating in a successful IDO is like winning the lottery! So let’s see how to find the best upcoming IDOs to watch!

BlockSwap Network

BlockSwap Network has finalized its Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapper pool, which included the distribution of cBSN tokens. This ERC-20 token serves as a gateway to access demo products and accrue incentives rewards.

BlockSwap raised $2.5 million in its latest funding round from seasoned crypto-focused venture capitalists like ZeePrime Capital and Algorand EU Accelerator.

BlockSwap protocol aims to bring fixed income products to DeFi through its yield farming and proof of stake assets.

Following the LBP event, cBSN tokens will participate in a Uniswap LP incentive pool that kicks off on April 25. The next milestone is expected in June with the launch of the StakeHouse LP CommunityNet.


BENQI is a decentralized non-custodial liquidity protocol operating on the Avalanche network. The yield framing platform has recently secured a private funding round of $6 million, led by Ascensive Assets.

BENQI aims to create a market protocol in which users can stack their idle crypto assets to earn interest or obtain credit through over-collateralized loans.

Depositors providing liquidity to the BENQI pools can earn passive income in the form of yield-bearing tokens. They can also receive tokens that are then borrowed and locked into other Defi protocols to generate additional yield.

BENQI’s utility token is called QI. Token holders oversee the entire ecosystem and soon will be able to vote on issues that will steer the direction of the protocol.

BENQI will hold its IDO on April 28, and the event will be hosted by Tokensoft.


MakiSwap, part of the growing UniLayer ecosystem, is set to build a decentralized finance ecosystem together with a yield farming platform on the Huobi eco chain.

The automated market maker offers a robust trading experience for both professional and new investors using a variety of trading tools powered by Unilayer.

MakiSwap protocol is powered by the MAKI governance token, which is yet to be distributed in multiple public sales. Having raised a total of $1.4 million in private funding, the team behind MakiSwap will airdrop MAKI token on both the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

On top of rewards earned from providing liquidity to the Defi project’s pools, MAKI tokens allow holders to earn additional income as a portion of the protocol’s fee. This additional income will be accumulated proportionally based on the amount of tokens that each user has staked against the total amount of LP tokens.


TeraBlock is a crypto trade automation exchange that personalizes users’ investment experience through machine learning.

The technology simplifies the way people enter the crypto ecosystem while promoting the use of DeFi services instead of traditional finance. To achieve that, TeraBlock allows clients to use bank cards to purchase cryptocurrencies or gain exposure without huge market risk.

TeraBlock has recently completed a $2.4 million funding round ahead of the launch of its TBC token, a utility token that helps minimize fees on the exchange. More information regarding the roadmap will be released accordingly.


Don-key Finance is a yield farming social network that caters to both retail and institutional markets.

Don-Key, which recently raised $2.2 million from macro investors, aims to become the eToro of yield farming by reducing entry barriers for both yield farmers and liquidity providers. Its automated platform calculates the best risk-reward ratios of different crypto markets in order to provide the highest possible returns to its users.

Don-Key solves the pain points of this industry, including for those who don’t master the skills to create their own yield farming strategies or know how to allocate their crypto assets. Further, it offers humble investors a low-cost, frictionless way to pool their liquidity by copying strategies of experienced traders.

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