Psychedelics Production Methods Expect Further IP Protection With 4 New Patents

Psychedelics Production Methods Expect Further IP Protection With 4 New Patents

Biotech company PsyBio Therapeutics Corp. PSYBF has filed four new U.S. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications aiming to convert five provisional patent applications

These new filings bring the total number of PCT conversion filings completed by the company to 10.

They “represent the next phase of PsyBio's intellectual property strategy, moving from provisional to formal protection for our intellectual property portfolio," CEO Evan Levine said.

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"PsyBio continues its ongoing strategic efforts to strengthen its presence in biosynthetic landscape for the development of psycho-targeted therapeutic candidates, with the ultimate goal of potentially improving mental and neurological health," he added.

The four new patent applications were filed based on five provisional patents comprising advancements on production methodology, host strains and processes expected to support PsyBio's novel production methodology.

PsyBio is committed to developing and protecting IP regarding biosynthetic tryptamine and phenylethylamine production, CMO Michael Spigarelli said.

“This IP is the bedrock upon which the development of psycho-targeted molecules as novel therapeutic candidates with the goal to potentially help improve human health is built," he added. "These patent submissions further expand PsyBio's intellectual property portfolio and underlie ongoing plans for growth."

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