Cannabis Rules & Regs: EU Officials Discuss Legalization, Indonesia Puts Medical Marijuana On Hold, And More

Cannabis Rules & Regs: EU Officials Discuss Legalization, Indonesia Puts Medical Marijuana On Hold, And More

EU Officials Meet To Discuss Recreational Cannabis Legalization

The officials from four European countries gathered last week to weigh in on possible challenges on a pathway to recreational marijuana legalization.

The initial meeting — attended by lawmakers from Germany, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands — is one of many planned multilateral discussions focused on future cannabis regulations. Future summits may include officials from other countries in the European Union.

According to the officials' joint statement, the parties have mutual areas of interest and are poised to change “the status quo."

“A structured multilateral exchange on the vast spectrum of cannabis-related issues contributes to sharing knowledge, best practices and experiences and foster finding solutions,” the joint statement says. “This first structured multilateral exchange is meant to facilitate further consultations regarding regulations of cannabis for non-medical and non-scientific uses.”

Medical Marijuana Legalization Put On Hold In Indonesia

Indonesia's effort to legalize marijuana for medical use was put on hold after the Constitutional Court spurned a judicial review of the country's narcotics law, Reuters reported.

Filed by the three mothers with children suffering from cerebral palsy, the judicial review of the country's strict narcotics law in 2020 addressed the issue of the use of medicinal cannabis to treat symptoms.

The judges emphasized that more research is needed and that the government is to "immediately" investigate the therapeutic usage of narcotics.

“The court needs to emphasize that the government [should] immediately follow up … The results of which can be used to determine policies, including in this case the possibility of changing the law," one of the judges said.

Medical Marijuana For Student Patients Still Prohibited In Some Colorado Schools

For more than 20 years, cannabis has been legal for medical use in Colorado, while recreational use got approval a decade ago.

Still, in some districts, young patients are struggling to get access to medical marijuana, even though the first law focused on the issue - Jack’s Law” in honor of Jack Splitt, a now-deceased child patient - was passed in 2016. That law allowed students who use medical cannabis to take their medication while at school, but with a help of a child’s caregiver.

Clear Creek County was the first to enact a legislative measure in 2018. That updated Colorado law, which allowed school personnel to administer medical marijuana as well.

While many districts followed suit, the number of the state’s 178 public school districts which refused to update the policy is still large.

According to Westword, roughly 70 districts in the Centennial State still have policies that ban such practices.

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